Letters to Integral Leadership Review

Letters / July 2005

In response to the Integral for the Masses column in the April 2005 issue of Integral Leadership Review:

Being in the process to write an Integrally-informed thesis.it was a familiar experience, as well as an unpleasant one (to say the least) to read about the quibbles in circles supposedly integrally informed.

Quibbling guys & dolls: please see the stakes and reconsider your SO important perspective-wars. To the extent you care for the ones less well off, you should plaster our screens with a fat mea culpa. If not, at least stop contaminating what probably amounts to the only credible way out of ignorance, greed and anger.

But then, we’re all on the spiral and the prime directive allows you too to follow your path, however detrimental. In that sense: good hunting!

> Emil Moller, Netherlands