Leadership Quotes

Leadership Quote / November 2002

“The reason leaders must mediate values is that corporations have reached such levels of complexity that ‘giving orders’ rarely works anymore. What increasingly happens is that leaders’manage culture’ by fine-tuning values and dilemmas, and then that culture runs the organization. The leader defines excellence and develops an appropriate culture, and then the culture does the excelling.” ~Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner, 21 Leaders for the 21st Century
“My interest in leadership has always been from the perspective of those we call followers. At one point I wrote an article on followership that generated a lot of interest and I have worked with the idea ever since. I separate the idea of leadership position from leadership. In my life I have witnessed many in leadership positions who had very little of what I call leadership and I have seen individuals at all levels in an organization who are leaders and who influence others while operating as an individual contributor or team member. When I find fish swimming in an organization it is often the result of the work of someone inside, not at the top.” ~Stephen Lundin, author of Fish

“This selection is used by permission from Dr. John C. Maxwell’s free monthly e-newsletter ‘Leadership Wired’ available at www.MaximumImpact.com.”