Announcements / November 2002

Global Integral Research, Inc Presents:
The Wade Mindsets Leadership Development Program, Jenny Wade Ph.D.

This two-day workshop is a certification program in the Wade Mindsets System for Leadership Development. This unique approach is based on adult developmental psychology and how it affects:

  • The way people think
  • The environment and work they prefer
  • How they relate to others
  • The way they respond to different incentives
  • How they pay attention selectively
  • How they communicate and respond to communication
  • How they make decisions

This comprehensive, research-based system will illuminate your work with leaders and employees in work organizations as well as in other settings. Certification is designed for consultants, human resources professionals,and executive coaches.

  • In an experiential, multi-media workshop, participants will learn:
  • The six mindsets displayed by workplace populations.
  • The leadership styles appropriate for effectively working with each mindset
  • Effective communications methods and media for each mindset
  • How to match jobs with each mindset for better performance outcomes
  • How to structure learning/training for each mindset to support better outcomes
  • How to design feedback, recognition and reward for each mindset for performance improvement

Certification includes training in using the Wade Mindsets Work Inventory ( and permission to use this web-based, statistically reliable instrument for assessing the mindsets predominantly used in work organizations by employees at all levels. Assessment is so quick and affordable it can be used across entire employee populations as the basis for individual, group, function, or complete organization applications. Databases can be created for consultants and client companies. Certification also includes the right to use leadership development materials furnished by Dr. Wade.

Wade Mindsets Systems is an integral approach that not only sheds light on individuals and their relationship to others and to work, but also on the environments, cultures and infrastructures that suit them best. Its most exciting implications involve work and organization design. An optional third day of the workshop is available for people certified in the first two days. It covers certification for Wade Mindsets System for Organizational Design. It includes:

  • Organization Assessment
  • Organization Structure and Job Design
  • Recruitment and Selection Strategies
  • Employee Development and Succession Planning
  • Compensation, Reward and Recognition Strategies
  • Communication Systems
  • Special Issues for Sales and Marketing

When: 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Jan 11th & 12th, 2003
Where: Westin Hotel (S.F. Airport) Millbrae, California