Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / August 2002

“What is Integral Leadership?”
“Integral Leadership comprises:

“A way of being and leading oneself and others which significantly enhances the capacity to create meaningful and desirable futures by transcending, including and aligning multiple, often conflicting perspectives and value systems.

“Through the application of this approach, integral leaders are better able to:

  • Align complex sets of value systems to achieve super ordinate goals in an ethical, timely fashion.
  • Generate coherence in stressful and conflict-producing situations, and elicit resonance within and between individuals, groups, organisations and communities.
  • Evoke multiple layers of meaning in highly diverse groups and communities
  • Bridge radically different cultural contexts and social networks
  • Design organisations, communities and societies from a natural systems perspective, allowing for emergence and sustainability at all levels
  • Create more options, choices and opportunities for their stakeholders and constituents
  • Produce a sense of belonging and trust between those they lead and others.”


Phil Harkins: What do you think of his new book Good to Great?

Jeffrey Pfeffer: I think it’s a great book. It’s an interesting book. I think it’s a book which is a nice palliative for the times because now, in the era of the celebrity CEO and all this other stuff, Jim reminds us of a truth that I think many people knew but forgot. Organizations are first of all collective enterprises; one individual seldom makes that much of a difference except for setting a tone so that other people can succeed, grow, prosper, and thrive..

Link&Learn Newsletter, August 2002