Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / October 2001

“…[John] Sunderland [CEO of Cadbury Schweppes], [Brian] Pitman [CEO of Lloyds TSB] and Mike Parker, president and CEO of Dow Chemical, are all leaders who have had the confidence to go against the grain of conventional business wisdom or best practice. To begin with, their scorecards are decidedly unbalanced…Second, all three executives have devoted an unusually large amount of their personal attention to managing ‘executive time – that is, focusing senior management on addressing the opportunities that represent the highest possible payoff for shareholders. Finally, a third practice…is a focus on delivering exemplary short-term and long-term performance.”

This one brief quotation contains suggestions of business objectives, leadership purpose, leadership resources, teamwork and vital enterprise, elements in the four levels of business leadership.

~Ken Favaro, Chief Executive, Marakon Associates