Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / May 2001

  1. “…Focus your resources…Assess the strengths of your organization and your people …then focus everything on the greatest opportunities.
  2. …Demand results…A leader should make it crystal clear, every day, that results are the single most important factor in judging an individual’s contribution.
  3. …Listen to your heart. Don’t be blinded by big dollar signs. Pay attention to your instincts and common sense.
  4. …Communicate clearly…In my mind, there’s no substitute for face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball contact. Words by themselves are not enough. If they were, we would all understand Shakespeare a lot better. It takes a great actor …a real person …to make Shakespeare’s lines come alive…Same thing in business and life. When you stand in front of people …whether you’re a teacher, a politician, a business leader or whatever …you are performing. What you say will either be interesting or not. It will either be compelling or not. It will either be persuasive or not…And it’s not just the words. You have to put your whole body and soul into it …to make people feel what you feel …see what you see…Your great idea will never be great until you make others believe in it …and in you.
  5. …Never stop learning…there’s probably no quality more common to the great business leaders I’ve known than relentless intellectual curiosity …an unending hunger for detail.”

> Five Principles of Leadership, by Roger Enrico, CEO, Pepsico