Andy Stefanovich, Look @ More

Leadership Emerging / August 2012

Andy Stefanovich (2011). Look @ More: A Proven Approach to Innovation, Growth, and Change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Look @ MoreIn many ways the title of this book is at the heart of the integral, meta and transdisciplinary approaches to comprehending any occurance, personal, interpersonal, organizational, etc. Here Andy Stefanovich shares what he has been bringing to organizations like The Gap to support their desires for increased innovation. He notes that companies don’t put their money where there mouth is when it comes to innovation and creativity. Reward systems aren’t drawn that way.

Inspiration spawns innovation. To inspire others we need “to think differently and encourage others to do the same.” There are three ways to get inspired: by delight, by design and by demand. This book shows you how through five key drivers to generating new ideas that lead to innovation:

1. Mood—”the attitudes, feelings, and emotions that create the context for inspiration and creativity.” This reminds me of the work of Julio Olalla’s approach in the Newfield Network).
2. Mindset—”the intellectual foundation of creativity” with four thinking disciples that can be used for inspired work.
3. Mechanisms—”the tools and processes of creativity” that are useful for the individual as well as for fostering organizational innovation.
4. Measurement—qualitative and quantitative feedback for guidance of individuals and organizations.
5. Momentum—”the active championing and celebrating of inspiration and creativity that creates a self-reinforcing cycle for growing innovation.”

There is no evidence that this author is aware of integral or transdisciplinary approaches. However, including of the  individual and the collective in consideration of creativity and innovation is a tributary to those streams.

His final chapter is a pep talk to encourage us to move his formula forward: Inspiration + Creativity = Innovation. His encouragements are to develop ourselves, our relationships with others, our team work and our organizations to foster innovation.