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Leading Comments / October 2012

Russ Volckmann

These issues of ILR and of ilrParticles are late. This is the first time my memory will allow me to recognize that we are publishing late. What is late? I would be surprised if any of you know what our publication dates are, but this one IS late. Of course, I have an excuse. Truth be know there may be a whole set of excuses, but one major one: we migrated the ILR site to a new server. It took three times as long to do it as was anticipated. So, apologies to the authors and interns who were looking forward to seeing their work by Hallowe’en (October 31st). For now we can just lay the responsibility at the feet of the gods and goddesses of technology, whoever they may be.

Before you look at the material in Integral Leadership Review, I invite you to check out ilrParticles. This magazine-like publication provides an invaluable guide to the articles in ILR and more. This issue features our first ever cover that features an image of one person. In fact, if you care to take just a moment to share your feedback about ilrParticles, send it to the Editor of ilrParticles, Jeannie Carlisle (, or to me (

This is a particularly rich issue of Integral Leadership Review. There is, literally, something for everyone interested in unfolding the practice, development and thinking about leading, the leader role and leadership. Well, almost everyone – the leadership quote, cartoon and announcements are now in ilrParticles. Check it out!

We have two leadership coaching tips from two highly skilled business and executive coaches who come from very different intellectual traditions. One thing that interests me about their work is that in giving advice, I suspect each would suggest that for that advice to be actionable it would be helpful to have the support of a coach.

We also have two Fresh Perspectives. One is with Michael McElhenie, who has published in ILR in the past, but more importantly – with a strong background in emotional intelligence and integral – has leveraged his learning and being to become certainly one of the most highly regarded consultants working with major corporations. His story and insights should bring considerable value to anyone who wishes to use the services of a consultant, or who may wish to become one.

The second interview is with Jeff Klein. Here is a man who has worked with giants, whether with helping to launch internationally famous musician Yanni’s majestic performances or building the Conscious Capitalism organization along with John Mackey, Rand Stagen and other CEOs as a growing force for a shift in the ways business is conducted through conscious business and conscious leadership.

We have an unusually large number of articles in this issue. Authors are from the US, Canada, UK, France, Nigeria and Russia. They range from the subject of integral coaching, to working with an integral leadership development program, to individual development as building capacity for stepping into leader roles, and to leadership theory and its application. Something for everyone.

Our columns are becoming one of my favorite part of ILR. Norton, McCaslin and Montuori each contribute extraordinary food for thought and sharing of experience that sets the pace for each of us in thinking about and applying a more integral approach to our leading and being.

We also offer two book reviews: The God Problem by Howard Bloom and Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research by Patricia Leavy. These topics are not as far removed as may appear. There are two “Learner Papers” in this issue. These Learner Papers are not done by amateurs. Their authors have higher academic degrees and bring considerable practical experience to their work. Their work, albeit academically oriented, bring very useful perspectives to out explorations of integral leadership.

And then there are the Notes from the Field, international in scope, insightful about events with useful information from the US, Peru, Canada and Germany. We hope to have more of this type of information available in future issues. As you can see these are reports about events that include some sharing of valuable takeaways by the authors. If you are attending a leadership, developmental, complexity, transdisciplinary or other event – conference, workshop… – that you would like to tell our readers about, please send it in. We will work with you to edit and proof it.

We know that 78% of our readers are from the United States. As ILR grows we hope for more and more international readers and contributors. That is one of the reasons that once each year we do a special issue of ILR focused on one country. I am please to announce that Antonio Marturano, ILR’s Italy Bureau Chief and Associate Editor, will be guest editing our January 2013 special issue on Italy. We will try to send out information about this issue in advance on our new Facebook and Linked in Integral Leadership Review groups. If you haven’t joined, yet, please do. Here is an opportunity to deepen the conversations that are initiated by authors and readers of ILR. See you there.

Russ Volckmann

Russ Volckmann