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Featured Article: Demystifying Transdisciplinary Ontology: Multiple Levels of Reality and the Hidden Third

Feature Articles / March 2011

Sue L. T. McGregor

Acknowledgement: Sincere gratitude to Professor Basarab Nicolescu (President of International Center for Transdisciplinary Research, CIRET) for vetting a draft of this paper, and for being such a gracious and patient TD-mentor.

This paper is about transdisciplinary (TD) methodology, especially TD ontology. Methodology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the general principles or axioms of the generation of new knowledge: epistemology, ontology, logic and axiology (Ponterotto, 2005). The methodology determines …

Feature Article: Integral Leadership’s Potential to Position Poverty Within Transdisciplinarity(1)

Feature Articles / March 2009

Integral leaders can appreciate that the sheer magnitude and scale of poverty impacts the whole of humanity; it is planetary in nature. Xuereb astutely observes that a failure in one corner of the world is a failure everywhere; with poverty, no one wins. Because people are all connected, “your poverty is my poverty, if not also my doing” (2008, p.7). Poverty is an example of a polycrisis, a term Morin (1999a) uses to describe a situation