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Feature Article: The Integral Leadership Workshop – 2

Feature Articles / April 2004

Every year my daughter-in-law gives me a Zen Calendar for my desk. I love these calendars for the daily messages that they bring to me, even those that seem a little obscure. After all, they test one’s wits and often stimulate some new synaptic connections.

On Sunday, March 28, 2004 the message was from Hakuin, about whom one website,, notes:

HAKUIN Ekaku, also known as Kokurin, Byakuin, Sugiyama Iwagiro, Iwajiro, Jinki Dokumyo, Shoji Kokushi (C. Pai-yin, Po-yin) (19 Jan 1686 …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / April 2004

It Must Be That Time

Actually, this issue of Integral Leadership Review is long overdue. It doesn’t contain what I had wanted to include in the restart– an interview– but I don’t want to wait any longer. It has been a good year since the last issue. I hope you are still out there and interested.

And I want this to be a renewal of effort on my part. Who knows what the next issue might bring. Stay tuned! And …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / April 2004

“.seeking for personal salvation is anyway the wrong road to personal salvation. The only real path.was the path set forth in the Japanese movie ‘Ikiru,’ i.e., salvation via hard work and total commitment to doing well the job that fate or personal destiny calls you to do, or any important job that ‘calls for’ doing.” ~Abraham H. Maslow, Eupsychian Management


Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / April 2004

It is obvious that when coaching leaders from an integral perspective it is important to surface relevant work that is related to the cognitive, emotional, values, relationships, health, moral and spiritual aspects of the individual. Keep in mind, however, it is their perspective on all of this that is the starting point, not the coach’s.


Coda / April 2004

David Gergen, “Stubborn Kind of Fellow,” COMPASS: A Journal of Leadership,” Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Volume I, Number 1, Fall 2003.

In this article by a well-informed companion of many presidents, comes from the pen of the Director of the Center for Public Leadership. Note that the article was published in the Fall of 2003. It may be that Gergen will prove to be a most astute prognosticator. He makes the …