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Leadership Coaching Tip: How do you know what progress is made?

Leadership Coaching Tips / December 2005

Dumb question? We all know that if the client thinks there is progress, that’s good enough for us, right?

Well, maybe! When working with a client who is looking for measurement of results it is important to start with an exploration of what is important to measure. Only then can you begin to explore approaches to measurement that would be appropriate. If a client is concerned about individual performance begin with clarity about the lines of development involved and how …

Feature Article: Alexander The Great: Lessons of Heroic Leadership, for Mike Jay

Feature Articles / December 2005

I. Introduction

Richard FreisAlexander the Great is again at the center of attention, with Oliver Stone’s recently released blockbuster film. Leaving aside our judgment of the film, Alexander himself is worthy of our serious attention for his reshaping of civilization on three continents before his death at 32 and because his remarkably accelerated and many-sided development exhibits a rarely equaled array of model leadership abilities. They may need to be complemented but can never be omitted in defining the leadership abilities …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / December 2005

“It is not leadership from any one person that is required, it is an aspect of leadership each of us summons from within. In this respect, the same qualities we have sought in one person can be found distributed among many people who learn, in community, to exercise their “leadership” at appropriate moments. This occurs when people are vitally concerned about issues or when executing their responsibilities. Leadership thus becomes a rather fluid concept focusing on those behaviors which propel

Feature Article: Notes on Spiritual Leadership and Relational Spirituality

Feature Articles / December 2005

NB: This is a revision and integration of interrelated sets of notes that have appeared over recent months in Michel Bauwens’Pluralities/Integration online newsletter []

The Guru Phenomenon

The traditional oriental guru represents a form of spiritual leadership in which so-called advanced spiritual states of being are transmitted from guru to disciple. This requires the disciple to be present with the guru, physically or psychically, to project onto the guru the disciple’s latent divine nature, to be obedient and …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / December 2005

We are in the fifth year of publication of the Integral Leadership Review. It is increasingly taking the form that I hoped, although I am sure there is still much that can be done to make this a useful document that attracts a wider audience in the fields of consulting, training and coaching, as well as among business and other organizational leaders who have a passion for leadership.

I am grateful to the 1200 (Thanks, Warren—#1200) subscribers to Integral Leadership …

A Fresh Perspective: Values and Leadership A Conversation with Alan Tonkin

Fresh Perspective / December 2005

Alan TonkinAlan Tonkin is the Chairman and CEO of the Global Values Network (GVN) is an international consulting business committed to the practical use of the Values Technology originally developed by Professor Clare Graves in the 50’s and further developed by Dr. Don Beck over the last 30 years from the early 70’s.

The Global Values Monitor (GVM) developed and owns the unique proprietary technology providing the capacity to map global values under the umbrella of the recently introduced WorldSCAN project …

CODA: Introducing The International Journal of Servant-Leadership

Coda / December 2005

In his introduction to the first issue of The International Journal of Servant-Leadership, editor Larry Spears of Gonzaga University clearly lays out the essence of Servant Leadership and the work of those who have built upon Robert Greenleaf’s 1970 essay :The Servant as Leader.” He notes that there have been hundreds of books and artic les, over one hundred doctoral dissertations, translations of Greenleaf’’s work into a dozen languages, the formation of Greenleaf Center locations in eleven countries, numerous courses

Integral for the Masses

Integral for the Masses / December 2005

Keith Bellamy

Leading into a new Stage: It’s all in the signs?…or maybe not!

The following is a conversation that I imagine might have taken place in the late 1970s between an official at the Dutch Ministry of Transport and a civil engineer called Hans Monderman.

“Hans, it’s Pieter from the Ministry. How are you?”

“I’m good thank you Pieter, and yourself?”

“Very well thank you. I have been reading your recent proposals concerning the new traffic scheme in Drachten. Very interesting.


Announcements / December 2005

Alchemist at Work: Two Sessions with Bill Torbert, A Review by Russ Volckmann

Mike Ginn: A Report on the Integral Institute’s Presidents’ Circle Meeting

John Provost: Going Deeper into Integral Life Practice

Susann Cook-Greuter: Development Intensive For Professionals

Mike Jay’s new book: CPR for the Soul

Leadership Development Framework: Bill Torbert and Associates

Spiral Dynamics Integral Praxis: Applying Assessment Tools to Self, Others & Organizations, January 13, 2006, Vancouver, BC

SDi Macro*Memetics Conference CultureShift – Designing the Next World …