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Coda / January 2008

Susanne Cook-Greuter, Introduction to Ego Development…a series of videos on stages of adult development, IntegralNaked,

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There are seven segments of this presentation at an Integral Institute workshop.

The opportunity to download these very well presented introductions to her highly important work on development and its applications is well worth the price of admission for a one month membership in Integral Naked.

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The Arbinger Institute, Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box.

The Arbinger …

Dialogue: Integral Theory into Integral Action: Part 8

Dialogue / January 2008

Mark Edwards

Russ VolckmannIn the Part 7 of this dialogue, Mark pointed out the importance of including an ecological lens along with a developmental lensin redressing the imbalanced focus on developmental to the exclusion of ecological in much of the theory related to integral development.So far in our discussion we have identified several lenses that can be used in examining leadership,that broader lenses can be used with flexibility,identified how more nuanced analyses are possible,touched on the integrally neglected issue of power, and the

Leadership Quotes: from the Netherlands

Leadership Quote / January 2008

“De ontwikkelingsruimte van een organisatie/land wordt bepaald door het bewustzijnsveld van haar leiders, de groeisnelheid door de toewijding van haar medewerkers.”

“The growth potential (in terms of quality rather than quantity) of a country or organization is determined by the level of consciousness of its leaders and the growth rate by the dedication of its civilians/employees.”

“De leider die opereert vanuit een integraal perspectief, verbindt zich niet alleen met de belangen van de eigen organisatie, maar tevens met die van

Notes from the Field: Organising for Integral Impact Dispatches from the Frothy Frontier

Notes from the Field / January 2008

Peter MerryThis piece draws on blog entries from the last couple of years, describing the journey I have been making with the Center for Human Emergence as we look to trigger the transformation into integral evolutionary consciousness, in the Netherlands, for the world.

March 31st, 2006 – Klaar om te Wenden

900 people show up for an experience in a converted factory with Dr. Don Beck, Professor Ervin Laszlo, Herman Wijffels and Peter Merry as contributors. We blow the roof off …

Leading Comments: Integral Leadership in the Netherlands

Leading Comments / January 2008

According to the Hungarian philosopher of science Ervin Laszlo we are on a point in history of either breakthrough or breakdown. When we look at international developments, it almost seems that we are heading towards a breakdown. International tensions, global warming, beyond peak oil and a mortgage crisis feed anxiety and the pessimist mind. But as Dr. Don Beck says: “There are no prizes for predicting the rain, it is time to build the arks.” With this in mind he …

Feature Article: Sustainable Results/Achievements Through Resilience and Leadership

Feature Articles / January 2008

The challenge for leadership development is to safeguard both talent development and economic growth by:

  • Changing work patterns and the relationship between learning, creating and producing;
  • Steering in equal measure towards structural, cultural and personal resilience; and
  • Using the natural ability of people that comes from their inner motivation.

Alain VolzLisette “The Dutch indicate that their country is confronted with a both-and challenge: to create both economic growth and more solidary [sic] society, aimed more clearly at quality of life, modest …

Fresh Perspectives: Leadership as a System Phenomenon, An Interview with Wessel Ganzevoort

Fresh Perspective / January 2008

Wessel GanzevoortRuss VolckmannWessel Ganzevoort is past Chairman of KPMG Europe and is Professor of Organizational Dynamics and Innovation at the University of Amsterdam. He is a member of the Integral Leadership Review’s Integral Leadership Council and you can read more about him at

Russ: I know that you spent many years with KPMG in Europe. Your role evolved from consultant to the number one guy in Europe for KPMG—is that correct?

Wessel: Yes, that is correct.

Russ: What was the …

Feature Article: Can the Evolution of a Concept Create a Tower of Babel: Distinguishing Different Types of Participation in the Netherlands through an Integral Lens

Feature Articles / January 2008

The Confusion of Tongues by Gustav Doré (1865)

The Confusion of Tongues by Gustav Doré (1865)

Leida Schuringa

1. Introduction

Leida SchuringaThe Netherlands has a traditional interest in the participation of civilians, and even more is being expected from this approach as an answer to societal problems and issues since the turn of the 21st century. Including people in society is one of the main objectives of the new Dutch government.

In this article, I follow the development of this “ participation track” and connect it with my knowledge …