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Leadership Coaching Tip: Boomer Leadership’s Tipping Point

Leadership Coaching Tips / June 2007

Lloyd Raines photoAs Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) transition from marketplace leadership roles, they clear the way for new mental models and cultural shifts borne of Gen Xers (born between 1965-1981) and Millennials (born between 1982 and 2000). While “fair process” and “challenging the institutional powers-that-be” were revolutionary breakthroughs in the Boomer heyday—they now drag on the dynamism, energy, and collective intelligence of the differently constructed 20 to 40-something crowd. What once was fought for is now assumed, expected, and embodied. What’s

Leadership Emerging

Leadership Emerging / June 2007

The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership, George Goethals and Georgia Sorenson, eds. Northampton, MA, US A: Edward Elgar, 2006.

This book represents a most robust look at the study of leadership while representing multiple disciplines in a “quest” to find agreement about leadership and theory. While the quest has not resulted in finding its prize, it is deemed a success by its participants for the learning that they shared during the journey. Still James MacGregor Burns, who …

Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates

Leadership Cartoon / June 2007

Bill Bates, Come Back, I'm Your Leader

California Newspaper Publishers Award winner and two-time Pulitzer Prize Nominee Bill Bates produces weekly cartoons for the Carmel Pine Cone and political cartoons for the Monterey County Herald. Five-thousnd of his pen and ink drawings from 133 countries have been published in 28 Cruise Sketchbooks that include 14 Around The World Cruises. His latest book of cartoons Bates On Bush will be published this year. For more information he can be be reached at

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Feature Article: Organization at the Leading Edge: Introducing Holacracy™ Evolving Organization

Feature Articles / June 2007

Holding the Question

Six years ago, two colleagues and I launched Ternary Software to help other organizations bring software to market using highly effective “lean” processes. Although the business vision we pursued was common enough, we launched the company with an uncommon question. Our prior experience in modern organizations was profoundly unfulfilling and we had a deep driving sense that there must be a better way. We wanted to know: “How can we live and work together in a, more …

Leading Comments: The Hubris of No Doubt

Leading Comments / June 2007

Have you ever read Richard Feynman’s essay “The Value of Science?” It is published in a little book of short pieces by him: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, edited by Jeffrey Edwards (New York: Basic Books: 1999). There is much about the spirit of this man that I admire and much of it is about his valuing of not knowing. Sounds strange to say that, but when he reflects on the relationship between science and the human condition,

Integral For the Masses: Integral Leadership: Living Life at the Spear Tip of Evolution, An Interview with Robb Smith, CEO Integral Institute

Integral for the Masses / June 2007

Robb Smith

Keith BellamyAt the tender age of eight years old, Robb Smith had already started to build a portfolio of stocks and shares. Born in the 1970s and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area he was just doing what all the other kids were doing at the time. This was the time of the “Barbarians at the Gate,” “Gordon Gekko,” and, of course, his immortal mantra, “Greed is good!” Psychologist Jean M. Twinge has coined the terms “Generation Me” and “i-Gen” …

Feature Article: Talk About Altitude! From the Mile High City to the Emerald City Robb Smith in Seattle

Feature Articles / June 2007

On Thursday, April 26, 2007, SeattleIntegral, the largest Integral Salon in Seattle, hosted a special Ken Wilber Meetup with guest Robb Smith, recently named Chief Executive Officer of Integral Institute. As a special treat, we also had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with Ken Wilber (lasting almost an hour-and-a-half!). As many of us can attest, there is just nothing quite like a real-time, in-the-moment experiences of the man himself! (More on that in a moment.)

Foremost, Robb’s …

N otes from the Field: In the Slums of Delhi

Notes from the Field / June 2007

This is an unusual piece to be included in the Integral Leadership Review. But when I read it, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It is so easy to forget that leadership shows up in many places, not just the corporation or other organization. It shows up in communities of all types all over the world. These small acts of leadership so sensitively reported here are important for us all to remember and support.

> Russ Volckmann

Things good, …

Feature Article: Holacracy™ in Action: Theory to Practice

Feature Articles / June 2007

jessica safranBob Huff
Imagine you have a voice in your organization and people listen to it. You feel you belong to something larger than yourself, yet in order to be part of this larger whole, you don’t have to give up who you are to enjoy the benefits of membership. Imagine you can take action, and even if your action is disruptive, rather than being punished, you are enlisted and empowered to help restore the balance that you disrupted. The results produced by

Notes from the Field: Integral Leadership in Action 2007: Falling in Love Again

Notes from the Field / June 2007


Michael McElhenieAllison Conte
Typically, one would reach into the heart of a group to find its purpose. What if the heart itself is its purpose?

For Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) 2007 attendees, the heart is the thread that connects us to each other and to our shared mission of creating a better world. In March, we gathered as a group of deeply compassionate and passionate people striving to apply integral theory in the world—and in that “we space,” magic happened.

It …