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Feature Articles / June 2010

Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education
The Path of Arizona State University

by Sue McGregor and Russ Volckmann

This is the second article in a five-part series about transdisciplinarity (TD) in higher education. In an attempt to profile universities on a journey towards transdisciplinarity, we are starting with Arizona State University (ASU), a major and growing American university. Its president, Michael Crow, has billed ASU as a model for the New American University. ASU has created a powerful video of its vision …


Feature Articles / June 2010

Four Quadrant Coaching:
A Conversation with Myles Downey
by Debby Hallett

hallettmylesI first came across Myles Downey while I was in coach training, and someone recommended his book, Effective Coaching, Lessons from the Coach’s Coach, as one of the best they had read.

Myles often refers to a coachee as a “player,” as in “you are the player in your game of life”. This reflects his roots in Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game, where the job of the coach is to …

Book Review

Book Reviews / June 2010

Book Review
The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin
Bruce L. Gibb

rifkin coverJeremy Rifkin. The Empathic Civilization. New York: Penguin, 2009.

If you are a spiralcrat, you are going to love Jeremy Rifkin’s book, a wonderful compilation of historical, psychological, and sociological stories chronicling the human journey through the vMemes of the Spiral.

One might conclude that Rifkin’s COG is at green because the values he espouses and the demons he denounces are typically those of a person at green. …


Feature Articles / June 2010

Frame Breaking Leadership

by Keith Merron

The concept of a paradigm is no longer new in organizational parlance. It is, in fact, quite commonplace to talk about paradigms and the importance of shifting paradigms in shaping an organization and keeping it fresh and alive. However, talking about and acting are two different things. Many leaders can talk about the importance of shifting paradigms, but few leaders truly know how to lead in a way that a shift occurs.

For three …

Leadership Emerging

Leadership Emerging / June 2010

John Marshall Roberts. Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries. Self-published, 2008.

roberts coverFirst, I am surprised that this book has been out so long and only recently showing up on my radar screen. Why? Because I think it is an important book, particularly for those who wish to go beyond theory and model into the world of implementation. We have reported numerous items about application of integral and adult developmental approaches to cultures, organizations and individuals. One of the …

Notes from the Field

Uncategorized / Notes from the Field / June 2010

International Leadership Association Webinar
May 26, 2010
Leadership Development
Grady McGonagill and Tina Doerffer

by Russ Volckmann

volckmannConsultant McGonagill and Doerffer of the Bertelsmann Foundation presented their report of a study they did of leadership development in the United States. Their presentation was one of the best hours I have spent online for some time. I probably am greatly influenced by the fact that included in the presentation are many of the themes we have been exploring in Integral Leadership …

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / June 2010

The Magnetic Leader as Crucible – How to Create a Transformative Space without Scorching People

by Zoë Routh

Change and learning can be difficult and painful–hence the notion of “crucible” experiences: an event that was challenging or even harrowing acts as a transformational experience, much like a crucible provides a container for huge temperatures that initiate a re-structure of its contents.

Leaders too can act as crucibles–creating a stable steady environment to contain the fury within as change crackles and …


Feature Articles / June 2010

Integrally-informed Management Development:
the Art of the Gentle Nudge
by Pierre A. Gauthier


An ongoing challenge for Integral Theorists remains the practical application of Integral Theory in the world around them. The ideas and models they produce and discuss amongst themselves do occasionally translate into integrally-informed policies, programs and real-life development, but often only after a painful birthing process. In my work as a management training specialist in the Public Sector, I have experienced many of the challenges of …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / June 2010

The Gathering
by Marc Quinn

On March 27th, 2010, a group of 25 people (all but 2 being men) gathered in South London to discuss the state of men in the UK, and what could be done to bring more purpose, power and meaning to their lives.

Man Collective was started last November when Alex Linsley, an economics student at Oxford University, wanted to start a men’s group to gather a close-knit community of men to challenge and inspire him …

Leadership Emerging

Leadership Emerging / June 2010

Frederick Darbellay, Moira Cockell, Jerome Billotte, Francis Waldvogel, Editors.A Vision of Transdisciplinarity: LayingFoundations for a World Knowledge Dialogue. Laussanne, Switzerland: EPFL Press, 2008.

Dartbellay coverThis book deserves a far more in depth review that I will be able to offer at this time. It represents something that is very much at the heart of transdisciplinarity: given the growing complexity of the challenges we face in the world (or, at least, our appreciation of complexity), the pursuit of intelligent responses …