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Feature Article: Leadership Development: Can It Really Happen?

Feature Articles / June 2011

An account of a pilot leadership development program for Aker Solutions.

Jonathan Reams

Imagine a room full of engineers, all highly skilled in their areas of technical expertise, with a few human resource people thrown into the mix. They have been successful enough to advance along their company’s “leadership pipeline,” yet find that the skills that got them there are not the ones they need now with the responsibilities of leadership in an ever more complex organization. The stakes are …

Feature Article: Mindfulness Matters

Feature Articles / June 2011

Rosaria (Ria) Hawkins

One of the many concepts shaping our view of self, health, leaders, leadership, and organizations is mindfulness. The purpose of this article is to first provide a quick summary of the concept of mindfulness and its transition from the clinical therapy arena into the leadership and popular press. Second, I provide a brief overview of my doctoral findings—the processes by which mindful leaders engage others in change. Finally, I begin to formulate and categorize the major practice-based …

Leadership Quote: Mary Parker Follett

Leadership Quote / June 2011

“Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the sense of power among those led. The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.”  ~Mary Parker Follett, The Creative Experience, 1924

Notes from the Field: Integral Without Borders Conference: Self-as-instrument

Notes from the Field / June 2011

Integral Without Borders Conference:  Self-as-instrument

Integral International Development Center
March 25 – 27, 2011
Vancouver, BC


Susan Wright


Integral Without Borders (IWB) is a learning center of the Integral Institute whose purpose is to bring together practitioners and organizations to develop greater clarity, depth, and rigor in their global development efforts. IWB began in 2005 and has since held global meetings bi-annually in France (2006) and Istanbul (2008/2010) as well as some smaller regional meetings in between.

A …

Feature Article: Complexity Epistemology, Complexity Axiology, and Real Property Rights

Feature Articles / June 2011

Michael McDermott and Spike Boydell




An intellectual foment has been under way for the last few decades, with the limitations of modernist scientism and similarly mechanistic philosophies being revealed as fraudulent insofar as they make claims to any magisterial authority—in particular, over life and social sciences. The ground is shifting beneath our conceptual feet, and with it notions of our rights over the ground itself.

Central to the emerging paradigm is the co-evolutionary emergence of complexity epistemology …

Learner Paper: Coaching with an Integral Lens

Learner Papers / June 2011

When we can find them we publish PhD student papers from various institutions. These papers are typically done as part of a class in leadership, integral leadership or other related topics. Learners and professors are invited to submit papers for publication.

Coaching with an Integral Lens

Lynn Harrison
Saybrook University



Leading successfully in today’s fast-paced, dynamic, and competitive work environment can be a daunting challenge. With expanding workloads, increased complexity, and growing demands from stakeholders, leaders need to …

Feature Article: Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education, Part 7: Conclusion

Feature Articles / June 2011

Synopsis of Integral Leadership Review’s Series

on Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education

Sue L. T. McGregor and Russ Volckmann

During 2010-2011, Russ Volckmann (Editor and publisher of the Integral Leadership Review) and Sue McGregor (Integral Leadership Council member) published six papers in a series about making the transdisciplinary (TD) university a reality. We profiled initiatives in United States, Europe (Germany, Austria), Mexico and Brazil, Australia, and Romania (the order they appeared in the series). We tried to cover each continent (except …

Leadership Emerging: Descriptions of Books, Articles and Other Media

Leadership Emerging / June 2011

Richard Barrett, The New Leadership Paradigm,,, 508 pages.

Jonathan Reams

Last March I found myself spending a day at a European ALIA event co-sponsored by the Progressio Foundation. I was looking forward to meeting new faces and networking with like-minded individuals. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the opening speaker turned out to be Richard Barrett. Twelve years earlier, I had invited Richard to come and present at an event hosted in my small community of Nelson …

Book Review: The Vertical Dimension. Blueprint to Align Business and Talent Development

Book Reviews / June 2011

Elliot Jaques Revisited

Jan De Visch, The Vertical Dimension. Blueprint to Align Business and Talent Development (Connect & Transform Press, 2010) ISBN 978-94-9069-538-5. Available from

Nick Shannon

At first sight this is not a book about leaders or leadership. It is a book about organizational development setting out a theory of the thinking and processes that lead to organizational success. And, whilst not explicitly aimed at business, the focus is very much on organizations that intend to provide a …