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Feature Article: Emerging Patterns in the Middle East – The Thirty Year Itch for Lebanon and Iran

Feature Articles / October 2009

Elza S. Maalouf

Elza MaaloufMy first year of Law School in Lebanon, was a year to remember. I recall the heated political discussions I had with Shia students and professors alike over many long hours ranging from discussing the merits of Marxism to laws on women’s rights in Lebanon and the role religion plays in law. These same students who I played tennis with would return the following year with the trademark Islamist beard and buttoned-up white shirt and refused to …

Book Review: High-Altitude Leadership: What the World’s Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success

Book Reviews / October 2009

Leadership Lessons from the Death Zone
A Review of Chris Warner and Don Schmincke’s High-Altitude Leadership: What the World’s Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success, Jossey-Bass, 2008

Regina Schulte-Ladbeck

high altitude leadership coverRegina Schulte-Ladbeck Climbing mountains is not a sport; it is a lifestyle. I am convinced of this because I am a rock climber myself. The peaks I have scaled are tiny compared to Mt. Everest. I have climbed no higher than a few thousand feet, never above the 26,000 feet mark that …

Feature Article: Change and Crisis in Dialectical Thinking: On the Need to Think Again When Getting Involved with Change

Feature Articles / October 2009

Otto Laske

otto laskeAbstract

I explore the concepts of “change” and “crisis” in order to put issues important in the current recession into perspective from the point of view of Western dialecticism, including what we know empirically about adult cognitive development. Specifically, I detail the diffraction of dialectic into three moments and show that they need to be coordinated to grasp change in transformational systems. In conclusion, I briefly relate these thoughts to present organizational problems and leadership development programs. I …

Leadership Quote: Mary Parker Follett

Leadership Quote / October 2009

The skillful leader…does not rely on personal force; he controls his group not by dominating but by expressing it. He stimulates what is best inus; he univies and concentrates what we feel only gropingly and scatteringly, but he never gets away from the current of which we and he are both an integral part. He is a leader who gives form to the inchoate energy in every man. The person who influences me most is not he who does great …

Dialogue: Integral Leadership, Wendelin Kupers and Russ Volckmann, Part II

Dialogue / October 2009

Wendelin KupersRuss VolckmannIn Part I we explored the situation of how integral is being accepted into the world of academia, some of the factors that deter such acceptance, a bit about Wendelin’s current work, the role of pragmatism and the challenges to integration in the workplace. Thus, integral approaches have a very high potential in leader development. Wendelin opened the subject of habits and their relationship to innovation and creativity.

Russ: Okay, let’s look at distinctions. For starters, I have been concerned …

Feature Article: The Cybernetics of Crisis and the Challenge of Sustainability

Feature Articles / October 2009

An audio (mp3) interview with this author is available by sending an email to

Background – A Personal Notemichael ben-eli

The “Crisis” essay which follows, is the text version of an invited presentation delivered, in Switzerland, earlier this spring, at a meeting called to discuss the world financial crisis. The venue, the Cwarel Isaf Forum at the Malik Management Center in St. Gallen, was of particular significance for me since it evoked the work and spirit of two great …

Notes from the Field: Notes from the Field Integral Leadership for Sustainability

Notes from the Field / October 2009

Emil Möller

Erik Möller

“Integral Leadership for Sustainability”
held 4-9 Aug 2009 in the Netherlands.

From the ExperienceIntegral website:

Are you awake?
Are you on a mission?
Do you have a big ego and an even bigger heart?
Are you an emerging leader?

You are an emerging leader if you are striving to offer your best to the world by challenging yourself to keep expanding your consciousness, while at the same time deepening your connection with self, other and kosmos. Your specialised …

Feature Article: Transdisciplinarity As An Interactive Method: A Critical Reflection On The Three Pillars Of Transdisciplinarity

Feature Articles / October 2009

Predrag CicovakiWe are witnessing, I am convinced, the first stages of a new and extremely promising revolution. This movement promotes a new approach to human knowledge—ranging from and including natural sciences, social sciences and humanities—and, indeed, a new approach to humanity in general. The temporary name of this revolution is “transdisciplinarity,” and one of its most important pioneers and champions is the quantum physicist Basarab Nicolescu. As the author of La Transdisciplinarité, the initial manifesto of the transdisciplinary movement, he continues

Notes from the Field: Interview for CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Association) with Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Notes from the Field / October 2009

Erik Möller

[This is the first time that Integral Leadership Review has published something that had previously been published elsewhere, in this case as a blog. Ichak Adizes is the author of Corporate Life Cycles. This seems to be a useful and timely set of reflections. Note that at the end of the interview there is a free offer for a video, ”What is a leader.” Integral Leadership Reviewis NOT promoting this video, but has agreed to make it available to you. …

Fresh Perspectives: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership An Inteview with Annie McKee

Fresh Perspective / October 2009

annie McKeeRuss VolckmannAnnie McKee earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University. She has co-authored two groundbreaking books on leadership, Primal Leadership (with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis) and Resonant Leadership (also with Boyatzis) Her book, Becoming a Resonant Leader, was published in March, 2008. She serves as Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Education at Penn, and teaches at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education. She is a founder of the Teleos Leadership Institute. In