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Leading Comments

Leading Comments / September 2001


I am grateful for the more than three hundred subscribers to Leadership Opportunity Your support means that we can move together closer to a way of viewing and being in the world that is integrating, generative and supports our evolving integrity. Also, I wish to express my gratitude to the many kindnesses, suggestions and offers of support Leadership Opportunity has received.

The mission of this e-journal is to be a practical guide to the application of an integral perspective …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / September 2001

“Our message to young leaders is not that the personality-driven model of leadership is headed for extinction, nor do we believe that it should be. Clearly it will continue in small and start-up companies, and in places where appeals to the human heart must be made in order to bring about drastic change that requires considerable sacrifice…Nonetheless, we believe that more CEOs of large companies may be drawn to the organizational model of leadership for the simple reason that it

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / September 2001

It is not enough to help the individual leader develop competencies. It is also important to help them understand their motivations and relationships with what is challenging them and their businesses. When they are clear that this is something valuable for them to attend to, you can help them open the door to creativity and generativity. Explore their assumptions about innovation. Explore their boundaries to creativity. Help them reflect on how their behaviors relate to these. Help them build integrity …

Feature Article: The Leader As a Team Player

Feature Articles / September 2001

In the prior issue I described teamwork among leaders as inspired collaboration. Note that teamwork rests upon a foundation of organization and purpose, all dedicated to achieving evolving business objectives. This perspective is an example of how an integral approach allows us to shift from thinking about either/or (hierarchy or teamwork, for example) to both/and (leading and being a team player). James Collins and Jerry Porras came to advocate both/and in Built to Last.

Hierarchy is one structure that is …