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Feature Article: The Integral Model of Leadership: Integral Leadership, Part 17

Feature Articles / September 2002

As leaders, we are frequently looking for models, methods and perspectives that give us a better handle on the challenges we face. We have a myriad of voices clamoring for our attention, urging this behavior or holding up this standard. We seek the wisdom that helps us choose.

Or do we? Often we are too busy and too challenged to do anything more than just do the best we can – a stance Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) suggests …

A Fresh Perspective: A Conversation with Bill Torbert, July 11, 2002

Fresh Perspective / September 2002

William R. Torbert, PhD, author and teacher, consultant and artist in his own right, works with Susann Cook-Greuter and others in the application of integral and transformational concepts in leadership and organizations. His most recent book, co-authored with Dalmar Fisher and David Rooke is entitled Personal and Organisational Transformations: Through Action Inquiry. After teaching at Yale, SMU, and Harvard, Bill has been at Boston College for the past 23 years, serving as Graduate Dean of the School of Management for


Coda / September 2002

From: Dr. Don Beck
To: The Spiral Dynamics/Integral Community

Friends, Below are the links to a 45-minute presentation on how Second Tier thinking (Yellow–Left Brain with feelings–and Turquoise–Right Brain with data) might approach the current interest in finding global, Integral solutions to the myriad of problems we face on planet Earth.

You can access the audio version of the talk and then also listen to the Q&A session if you are interested. You will need to have Microsoft’s Mediaplayer installed …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Developing For Whom

Leadership Coaching Tips / September 2002

When coaching leaders in business and organizations the question of agenda assumes some primacy. Sometimes executives are assigned coaches as a reward and sometimes as “punishment” for not performing. Occasionally, we find organizations offering coaching as an intentional developmental tool.
In any case, the agenda is not pure. There are multiple agendas at work: those of the individual, the leader sponsoring the coaching contract, strategic focus of the business and its implications for leadership, customers and other stakeholders. The agenda

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / September 2002


I am grateful to the more than 450 subscribers to Integral Leadership Review. Your support means that we can move closer to a way of viewing and being in the world that is integrative, generative and supportive of our evolving integrity–learning to align our theory and our action, our values and assumptions with achieving what is important to us. Also, I am grateful to the many kindnesses, suggestions and offers of support we have received.

The mission of this …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / September 2002

“What is Integral Leadership?”
“Integral Leadership comprises:
“A way of being and leading oneself and others which significantly enhances the capacity to create meaningful and desirable futures by transcending, including and aligning multiple, often conflicting perspectives and value systems.
“Through the application of this approach, integral leaders are better able to:
  • Align complex sets of value systems to achieve super ordinate goals in an ethical, timely fashion.
  • Generate coherence in stressful and conflict-producing situations, and elicit resonance within and between


Letters / September 2002


I just wanted to thank you for the great work you’re doing with your newsletter. The time is right for a new approach to leadership, and many of us are sensing the greater possibilities while we experiment with new approaches. It seems to me we need to emphasize the higher possibilities (creativity, vision, intuition) while at the same time focusing on the here and now (compassion, practicality, deep change).

Your newsletter brings together the big ideas with a practical …