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4/28 – Human Science Institute Conference – Call for Presentations September 8-10, 2016

Announcements / April-June 2016

Compassion, Connection and Response-Ability

imageSalt Lake City, Utah


Today’s social and environmental challenges call all of us to engage in creating a more humane and ecologically sustainable future. But, when the media is tuned to the hyperbole of catastrophe in all areas of our lives – security and safety, economic collapse, ecological disaster – what motivates and inspires individuals to engage in initiatives to create positive change? A feeling of compassion – the desire to help – is often …

11/30 – MetaIntegral announces the 2016 grant finalists!!

Announcements / August-November 2015

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power of we campaign

Dear MetaIntegral Community,

The moment many of you have been waiting for… The announcement of our next round of grant finalists.

But first, let me just say a few words about the process.  We received a wide range of amazing proposals (24 to be exact) led by some incredible integral thinkers. As part of our selection process, these projects were presented to our F(o)unders Circle members where they were ranked.  Then, they were vetted through a special seven-member grant selection …

8/19 – International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies

Announcements / August-November 2015

23rd CEEMAN Annual Conference
Almaty, Kazakhstan
23-26 Sep 2015

This International Association for Management Development in Dynamic
Societies conference  will be attended by at least 150 participants from 35 countries – deans and directors of business schools and universities, corporate partners, and international publishers.

The topic of the 2015 conference is Localization vs. Globalization of Management Development in Dynamic Societies. Expert presentations, panels and parallel workshops will address, among other, the questions of: How do education programs, research, and

8/19 – International Leadership Association, Barcelona

Announcements / August-November 2015


International Leadership Association to Explore Leading Across Borders and Generations at 17th Annual Global Conference
Barcelona, Spain
October 14-17, 2015

The International Leadership Association, the global network for all those with a professional interest in leadership, will be holding its 2015 annual global conference in Barcelona, Spain. Taking place October 14-17, ILA 2015 will bring together more than 1,000 scholars, executives, coaches, program directors, consultants, educators, and students in a global forum where participants learn and share leadership ideas, research,

8/19 – Women Impacting Healthcare, Minneapolis

Announcements / August-November 2015

 Women Impacting Healthcare – Broadening Our Leadership
November 6, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

The University of Minnesota’s 4th annual full-day Women Impacting Healthcare conference, Broadening Our Leadership, is designed for women professionals in healthcare and offers unique lessons and learning opportunities for high-performing leaders. The day’s sessions will focus around diverse communities, global initiatives, and international care. Attendees can expect keynote presentations and table discussions that are tightly focused on international strategies and best practices, within a conference format that is

8/19 – APROS/EGOS Conference, Sydney “Spaces, Constraints, Creativities: Organization and Disorganization”

Announcements / August-November 2015

APROS/EGOS Conference
“Spaces, Constraints, Creativities: Organization and Disorganization”
Sydney, Australia
December 9–11, 2015

Hosted by CMOS (Centre for Management and Organisation Studies)
UTS Business School, University of Technology, Sydney in collaboration with APROS (Asia Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies and EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies).

For additional information, go here.logo

8/19 – New Directions – International Studying Leadership Conference

Announcements / August-November 2015

New Directions in Leadership Studies: Exploring the Critical Turn
Lancaster University
13th–15th December 2015

In 2015 the International Studying Leadership Conference returns to Lancaster University Management School. Having hosted the Conference in 2003 and 2005, as well as having launched the Leadership journal in 2005, Lancaster provides an ideal setting for debates and discussions about important new directions for leadership and leadership development.

Within the burgeoning literature on leadership, there is an increasing recognition that mainstream leader-centred assumptions, functionalist theories …

8/19 – The Drucker Forum 2015, Vienna

Announcements / August-November 2015

5 – 6 NOV 2O15
Vienna, Austria

The Drucker Forum 2015 touches a key theme of our time: it will look at the technology revolution – with Robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and The Internet of Things – through the lens of humanity.

This leads into fundamental questions to be discussed at the Conference:
In a technology-driven economy, does management need a fundamental makeover? How can digital technology be leveraged to augment human capacity as …

8/19 – British Academy of Management Conference

Announcements / August-November 2015

British Academy of Management Conference

All delegates wishing to attend the British Academy of Management Conference will need to be a BAM member. So you will need to pay the membership and the Conference fee. The fee covers delegate’s lunches and refreshments for the duration of the conference. There is also a Gala Dinner which is held on Wednesday 09th September and you will need to purchase a separate ticket for this event at £56.

Additional information is available here.…

8/19 – Integral European Conference – IEC 2016

Announcements / August-November 2015

Dennis Wittrock has sent out the following appeal:

Get behind IEC 2016 – support the team! For the 2nd Integral European Conference in 2016 I ask for your help – the help of the integral community.
We need to raise funds to finance the work of our core team members for the coming 9 months. Learn more here. Together we can do it.

We have already found people who stand behind us. People like Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter, John Dupuy, …