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12/21 – Nurturing our Humanity with Riane Eisler

December 2019 / Fresh Perspective

Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds
Riane Eisler

Biography and Background

Eric:  Hello Riane! Thank you so much for joining me. I was wondering if we could start with you giving a brief background of how you came to being who you are, I guess, and the work that you do?

Riane:  That’s an interesting question, because my life has been like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. Each piece seemed disparate. You know, my having to flee as a …

06/29 – Integral ecology, Wilber, Heidegger, and Nietzsche: Michael E. Zimmerman meets Eugene Pustoshkin in St. Petersburg

June 2019 / Fresh Perspective

Michael ZimmermanThis interview was taken by Eugene Pustoshkin, Integral Leadership Review’s Bureau Chief / Associate Editor for Russia, on May 13, 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia,

Eugene:   Hello Michael, welcome to Saint Petersburg.

Michael:   Thank you very much. I’ve looked forward to coming to this great city for many, many years and I’m very happy to be here.

Eugene:   Before we start, can you please share why you wanted to come to the city?

Michael:   Well, really, there are two …

11/30 – Interview with Robin Lincoln Wood

November 2018 / Fresh Perspective

George:  Hello Robin! I’m happy that we have a chance to have this conversation about your work. Especially because in the last years … well I’ve been a great fan of your work and we had a chance to work together as well on certain of your projects. I think this is a great opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how your work has evolved and what you have learned during this decades …

05/31 – Interview with Otto Laske!

Fresh Perspective / May 2018

Robin Lincoln-Wood with Otto Laske

RLW: Good evening, Otto wonderful to finally meet you, even if it’s across the internet. This is Robin Wood interviewing Otto Laske about his work, and in particular, his deep-thinking framework and all the other manifestations of that work that we’ll be discussing in a minute. But before we start, I’d just like to ask you Otto, briefly tell us a bit about what got you into this space in the first place? What was …

8/31 – Synergise with STAGES!!!

Fresh Perspective / August-November 2017

Robin Lincoln-Wood with Terri O’Fallon


In this interview, Robin Lincoln-Wood and Terri O’Fallon discuss how they both became interested in integral leadership and state development, and how it has impacted their professional careers!

RLW:  Welcome to this interview between Terri O’Fallon and Robin Wood for Integral Leadership Review. We’re going to be discussing how Terri and myself got interested in integral leadership in the first place, stage development, and how that might link into the kind of work I’m …

4/22 – Emotional Maturity with Diane Musho Hamilton

Fresh Perspective / April-June 2017

Lauren Tenney

In this interview with Diane Musho Hamilton, we explore the territory of emotional maturity, and how it underpins and amplifies our efficacy and contribution to the world. Diane Musho Hamilton is the author of The Zen of You and Me, just released from Shambhala Publications, and is the co-founder and lead trainer of Integral Facilitator programs. Diane’s newest online course with Ten Directions, Willing to Feel: Essential Skills for Emotional Maturity, begins on April 25th. Diane was

8/31 – Dennis Wittrock on IEC2016 and beyond.

Fresh Perspective / August-November 2016

Eric Reynolds

Dennis Wittrock, M.A. (philosophy), partner at, founder of Integral Europe, director of the Integral European Conference, certified Holacracy® Facilitator, MeetingDoctor consultant, served 5 years as CEO and board member of Integrales Forum and the Integral Academy in Germany. His purpose is to create spaces for the emergence of integral consciousness.






Eric:  Hi there Dennis! I wanted to connect and talk to you by first introducing you to our readers a little bit …

4/28 – Hilary Bradbury and William Torbert on Eros/Power

Issues / Fresh Perspective / April-June 2016

Hilary Bradbury and William Torbert

About the Authors

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., is an Adjunct Professor in the Division of Management at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Her research, scholarly activism and teaching focus on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities. At OHSU she teaches in the OHSU-PSU joint MBA in Healthcare Management program and in the physician leadership development programs.  She also develops the action research approach to Community Based Participatory Research for Health.

Hilary …

3/7 – Dawn of Integral Hip-Hop: Interview with Ilya “MC 1.8” Kuznetsov

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016

Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note:

Ilya Kuznetsov, aka MC 1.8, is a dear friend of mine. He comes from a simple background, and witnessed a lot of violence in his youth—which commonly happened in the post-Soviet era and which often serves as a crucial existential background for a rapper (such as him). To me, he is a warrior of spirit, a person who shows in his own life path that the calling of the Soul, this particular intensity of

3/7 – Creating a Better World in an Integral Way: Interview with Alexander Malakhov, a Scholar-Practitioner from the Russian Pacific Region

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016



This interview was translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin.

Hello, Alexander! Could you please tell us about yourself: what do you do and what are you interested in?

— Hi, Eugene! For the past several years I prefer to call myself an integral scholar-practitioner and attempt to combine fundamental cross-cultural and postdisciplinary research with my engagement in practical and transformative activities. Right now I’m in preparation for receiving a PhD in Sociology from the Pacific National University …