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8/31 – 3D-Management: An Integral Business Theory

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Marco Antonio Robledo


3D-Management is an integral meta-theory of management that integrates organizational knowledge in an integral, balanced and non-marginalizing framework. It stands for Three-Dimensional Management, in reference to the three fundamental and irreducible dimensions (the Big Three) that integral management should address: science, arts and ethics, which refer respectively to the techno-economical, the aesthetic- emotional and the moral aspects of organizational reality. Those three dimensions combine in a fourth one, the spiritual dimension, which integrates the other three …

8/31 – From Knowledge Intensive to Wisdom Based Services

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Detlev Bohle


Service excellence, knowledge intensive service development and wisdom based services are discussed. The review of the present of wisdom based services is based on integral theory.


From the complex landscape of needs of companies and individuals alike a new type of services is emerging for which the terminus wisdom based services is proposed. In this paper we look at what makes wisdom based services different from knowledge intensive services, and first principles for developing wisdom based …

8/31 – If Capitalism is Dead, then what?

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Said E. Dawlabani

#IEC2016 – Keynote Speech

Now we’re going to focus fully on the state of the capitalist system. Today, capitalism is experiencing one of the most profound challenges in its history. Some leading thinkers believe that it might not even survive the current technological disruption. We’re going to take a look at some of the trends that are shaping that thinking and what the future looks like from a value systems perspective.

What you see in front of …

8/31 – What has Eros/Power got to do with Teal Organizing? Quite a lot!

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Heidi Gutekunst, Hilary Bradbury and Dana Carman

About the Eros/Power Workshop I will use just two adjectives: shocking and revealing! Shocking because of the very loving but professional way it led me to explore deep and hidden aspects about my sexuality and sensuality, both male and female sides, with which I rarely make contact. And revealing because that exploration allowed me to understand the way these issues are at work and that the Eros/Power process is critical to everyday relationships

8/31 – A Couples Line of Development

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Thomas A. Habib


A couples line of development is proposed from an integral perspective. The couples line specifies developmental stages, tasks for each stage and describes cultural messages that impede development. It reveals the nature and effects of an integral concept called a pre/trans fallacy unique to early intimate relationships and how this often results in widely arrested development at the second and third stages.  It locates the efforts of therapists who provide conjoint therapy, identifies developmentally targeted skill …