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1/15 – Inching Towards Leaderless Leading

Leading Self / January-February 2015

Edith Friesen and Edith Friesen

EF:  Before we start, there’s something you need to know.

IN:  Okay…

EF:  I’m not sure why they asked me to do this interview. Mostly, I just write and guide writers. And I do a little communications work. I don’t usually think of myself as a leader.

IN:  Am I hearing that storied Canadian modesty? Or a woman who hasn’t yet come into her own?

EF:  Can you drop the knife already?

IN:  Sorry. Let’s …

1/15 – Re-membering My Inherent Wilderness

Leading Self / January-February 2015

Beth Sanders

At the threshold I feel queasy and sick throughout my whole being. It is soon my turn to step into the choice I have already made. It isn’t too late to turn back. My knees rock forward and back while a voice in my head utters, “I am not ready, I am not ready, I am not ready.” As the dawn sun creeps across the meadow, I step in to the warm embrace of a blanket and the …