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African Integral Development Network (AIDEN) with a New Approach to Effective Leadership for Africa

Supplement / January 2012

Welcome Address in 2011 African Integral Development Network (AIDEN)/University of Calabar International Conference on the theme Advancing into the 21st Century: Exploring Best Approaches to Effective Leadership for Africa, at Channel View Hotel, MCC Road Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, November 16 – 18, 2011.

Etim Omini, FCAI
President, AIDEN

Today, we hold the second AIDEN International Conference in Calabar. We consider this very significant because Calabar has always played the role of a birth place for many revolutionary …

Integral Life Practice

Supplement / January 2012

Lillian Enyang Oyama


Integral Life practice (ILP), as the name implies entails a conscious performance of deliberately chosen activities aimed at enhancing one’s life in a more profound, meaningful, and fulfilling way.  These activities/practices are specifically targeted at the four primary dimensions of the individual being or whole person – body, mind, spirit, and shadow. It has been said that

“The idea of the whole person goes back at least to the ancient Greeks. Most Greek thought, in fact,

International Leadership Conference and Integral Leadership Education Program in Nigeria

Supplement / January 2012

Oliver Ngodo

November 2011 will go down as very significant in the history of Integral Movement globally. 16 – 18 of the month marked the graduation of the trainees of what may be one of the first formal and publicly acknowledged Integral Leadership Education Program in the world; certainly this is the first of its kind in Africa. This very significant event was packaged for great impact and it did generate great ululation not only all around the City of …