December 2019
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12/21 – December 2019 ILR Cover
Eric Reynolds
Leading Comments
12/21 – Happy Solstice!
Eric Reynolds and Natasha Mantler
Dear readers of ILR, We are profoundly pleased to be offering the December 2019 Issue of Integral Leadership Review for your perusal. As luck would have it, some delays coalesced into a lovely solstice issue. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together! In the meantime, we at ILR […]
Leadership Quote
12/21 – A Leadership quote from H. H. the Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama
“The world doesn’t belong to leaders. The world belongs to all humanity.” HH Dalai Lama Mar 9, 2017
Leadership Coaching Tips
12/21 – Partnership, inside and out!
Holly Woods
Holly Woods I am fortunate to work with many wicked smart young professionals who aspire to bring their important innovations to the market so they can change the world. These young visionaries have often left a corporate scenario because they knew their dreams would never see the light of day in a revenue-driven and soul-crushing […]
Fresh Perspective
12/21 – Nurturing our Humanity with Riane Eisler
Eric Reynolds
Eric Reynolds Biography and Background Eric:  Hello Riane! Thank you so much for joining me. I was wondering if we could start with you giving a brief background of how you came to being who you are, I guess, and the work that you do? Riane:  That’s an interesting question, because my life has been […]
Feature Articles
12/21 – Wayfinding for Perpetual Well-Being in Higher Education
Devon Almond
Devon Almond When a meditation college from Mainland USA identified the most remote place in the world as an ideal location for higher education study-abroad programs, the college initially looked within for commitment from 10 of its current undergraduate students who together formed the initial cohort of an experimental semester in sustainability education. For the […]
12/21 – A QUEST FOR THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND WELLBEING: focus on people and societies living in a complex world towards dynamic stability and ecosystem resilience
Alexandre de Faria, Patrick Smytzek, Zsuzsanna Gaspar, and Maximilian Manderscheid
 Alexandre de Faria, Patrick Smytzek, Zsuzsanna Gaspar, and Maximilian Manderscheid Glossary[2] Socio-ecological system: A socio-ecological system consists of ‘a bio-geo-physical’ unit and           its associated social actors and institutions. Socio-ecological systems are complex and adaptive and delimited by spatial or functional boundaries surrounding particular ecosystems and their problem context.   Sustainability: A dynamic equilibrium between […]
12/21 – Innovative Leadership Approaches for Compassionate-Ecological Development
Robertson Work
Robertson Work More and more people are becoming aware that we live in a critical moment of human history and evolution. We are facing system-wide crises including climate chaos and ecological collapse; patriarchy and misogyny; economic and social deprivation; oligarchy and corporatocracy; racism and xenophobia; and perpetual warfare and violence. In order to save humanity […]
Notes from the Field
12/21 – Learning to be Human
John O'Neill
John O’Neill The XXIV World Congress of Philosophy August 13- 20, 2018 – Beijing, China The World Congress of Philosophy is a global gathering of philosophers held every five years, since its inception in 1900, in a different city each time. Recent previous ones were held in Istanbul, Seoul and Athens. They are opportunities for […]
12/21 – Further Integrating Integral
Kurt Johnson and David Sloan Wilson
Kurt Johnson and David Sloan Wilson Both of us, as arguably well-positioned “mainstream” academics and also social and cultural leaders, have for some years been part of the further dissemination and dialogue concerning the “integral vision and message”. Advertently or inadvertently we have found ourselves bringing the work of writers like Ken Wilber, Don Beck, […]
12/21 – Integral European Conferences: Where The Global Integral Community Meets
Bence Ganti
Bence Gánti What is the IEC? The Integral European Conferences are the prime venue today for the global integral world to meet. Held every two years on the European continent, IECs are not only a huge social catalyst where international integral collaborations begin, enabling our human capital to grow, they also have a mission based […]
Book Reviews
12/21 – Understanding and Evaluating Research
Natasha Mantler
Natasha Mantler Understanding and Evaluating Research, written by Sue L. T. McGregor, and published by Sage, is a critical guide on how to become research literate. There are many textbooks available on how to do research oneself; however, far fewer on how to critique someone else’s research. The textbook has 8 parts. Each chapter begins with learning objectives, […]
12/21 – A Compassionate Civilization
Cosmas Gitta
Cosmas Gitta Robertson Work joins a growing number of public intellectuals who warn of existential threats to humanity and the planet, while highlighting the unprecedented opportunities available to improve our life on a healthy planet. In the book A Compassionate Civilization, Work contends that the “world stands at the crossroads of interlocking crises of colossal dangers and […]
12/21 – A Transformation Journey to Creative And Alternative Planetary Futures
Thomas Mengel
Thomas Mengel Given my interest both in leadership and the futures, A Transformation Journey to Creative And Alternative Planetary Futures (Motti, 2019; Cambridge Scholars Publishing) caught my immediate attention. Futures and leadership are implicitly interwoven throughout this book. While I would have loved to see “the complexity of leadership” more explicitly being addressed and discussed, […]
12/21 – Through a Still Imperfect Lens
Elliot Talenfeld
Elliot Talenfeld I have written a book that I would like to share with you. A work of narrative nonfiction, it is the story of my life and relationships, from a “psychospiritual perspective.” Beyond the behavioral events I’ve lived to tell about, my personal process – my thoughts, feelings and conflicts in the course of […]
12/21 – Nurturing our Humanity
Suzy Adra
Suzy Adra Utopia. It is a buzzword these days. What I learned about Utopia during my early days in college was that it is an ideal society where everything is perfect. Eisler and Frye’s Nurturing our Humanity speaks of this Utopia in a more approachable way:  they call it Humane society. This book is full of footnotes […]
12/21 – Planetary praxis and pedagogy: Transdisciplinary approaches to environmental sustainability
Sue L. T. McGregor
Sue L. T. McGregor This book is edited by Canadians Shannon Moore and Richard Mitchell, both from Brock University in Ontario, Canada. Their edited collection is 150 pages in length with 7 chapters as well as an Introduction and Overview of the Volume. Nearly half (43%, 62 pages) of the book is devoted to two […]