January 2009
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Leadership Cartoon
Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates Update
Bill Bates, University of Texas, Advertising Major. Illustrator-Air Training Command. Creator of comic strip “PING”. Artist -In-Residence for Royal Viking Line. To date has produced 23 Cruise sketchbooks, including eight World Cruises. Cartoonist for the Carmel Pine Cone since 1972. (17 of these cartoons permanently displayed in the Carmel U.S. Post Office.) His cartoons have also been […]
Leadership Cartoon: Mark Hill
Mark Hill
Mark Hill I am a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, includingTime Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publishing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat customers…as well as start-up businesses […]
Leading Comments
Ron Cacioppe
Please note: You have an opportunity to nominate the most important publication related to Integral Leadership in 2008. See the Announcements section of this issue for information about how you can make your nomination.—RV This is a special issue of Integral Leadership Review that focuses on Integral Leadership in Australia. It includes a leadership quotation, an interview, two […]
Leadership Quote
Leadership Quote: Peter Rennie
“The CEO and his executives often have difficulty in letting go of tendencies towards heroic leadership that are inherent in our society. Heroic leaders, who are usually male, often resort to underhand means in order to win and look good. These behaviours support the development of FIBS* cultures. The heroic leader is often driven by […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
Leadership Coaching: Tip Coaching and Mentoring: It is in the Questions
Russ Volckmann
One of the areas frequently cited as indicative of effective leaders is developing others. This is the idea of and individual in a leader role as coach. And it underscores the importance of individuals who are leading to learn about effective coaching. Fundamental principles and skills are not all that difficult to learn. Integrating them […]
Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspectives: Exploring the World of Integral Leadership: A Conversation with Jay Davies
Russ Volckmann
Russ: Jay Davies, you’re with Integral Development in Perth, Western Australia and the company is led by Ron Cacioppe and works in government, business and NGOs. Jay: Yes, that’s right. Not for profit organizations, as well as top end businesses here in Perth, and also government organizations. Russ: What is your role? Jay: My role is in three parts. […]
Feature Articles
Feature Article: My Integral Change Journey
Steve McDonald
Introduction Over the past few years I’ve been engaged in an on-the-job action research project to develop an Integrally informed change management business, based in Melbourne, Australia. Like many change agents, sometimes it’s been hard for me to explain exactly what I do. That just seems to be part of the challenge when you attempt […]
Feature Article: Evolution and Integral Leadership: How the Homo Got Its Sapiens
Roger Stace
Abstract While much is known about how biological evolution has shaped human physical traits, less is known about why human mental traits evolved. It remains an ongoing puzzle how humans could have evolved the traits that integral leaders exhibit, such as interpersonal warmth, compassion and wisdom. This paper reviews existing theories for why these human […]
Feature Article: Integral Environmental Sustainability: Achieving an Integral Vision of Business Success with Zero Environmental Impact
Ron Cacioppe and David McDermott
INTRODUCTION: A VISION FOR INTEGRAL SUSTAINABILITY “As long as human beings are regarded as “bad,” zero (waste) is a good goal. But to be less bad is to accept things as they are, to believe that poorly designed, dishonourable, destructive systems are the best humans can do. This is the ultimate failure of the “be […]
Feature Article: Up-lifting the Integral Down Under – Some Remarks on the Potential for an Integral Leadership in Australasian New Worlds
Wendelin Küpers
The present context of leadership of Australasia is situated in increasingly complex, uncertain and dynamic business environments with multiple, demanding realities, value systems and growing pressures, particularly facing the environmental predicament and recent economic downturn and financial crisis. Australasia, the world south of Asia (“austral” being Latin for “southern”) particularly New Zealand, and Australia, with […]
Feature Article: Seeing Integral Leadership through Three Important Lenses: Developmental, Ecological and Governance
Mark Edwards
This article looks at the issue of leadership within three multilevel contexts. The first context relates to the developmental context of leadership as a process of ongoing growth through various stages. This context focuses on things such as values, cognitive capacities, interpersonal skills and all those abilities that mark off the requirements of effective and […]
Feature Article: En Route to Effective Workplace Leadership: An Integral Novice’s Exploration
Tom A. Morris
If you analyse the way people use the word ‘spiritual’ [leadership] – both scholars and lay people alike – you will find at least 4 major meanings given to that word …My point is simply that all 4 of those are valid meanings of the word ‘spiritual’, but people usually mush them all together in […]
Integral for the Masses
Integral for the Masses: Focusing on Differences – A Critical Trait for the Aspiring Integral Leader?
Keith Bellamy
Greetings to all our reader(s)—well I know that there is a least one as he writes to comment on each article almost immediately after publication—here’s wishing you a healthy and harmonious 2009 and may all the trials and tribulations of 2008 fade rapidly into a distant memory or in some cases just a bad nightmare. […]
Notes from the Field
Notes From the Field: Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change Conference Report
Prasad Kaipa
 The Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India, organized a three day conference between October 23-26, 2008. It was very well attended—150 participants, 20 sponsored delegates and about 30 volunteers and ISB community members. The conference was supported by State Bank of India (Diamond Sponsor), Andhra […]
Notes From the Field: Conference Review: International Leadership Association 10th Anniversary Conference
Yung-Pin Lu
The International Leadership Association (ILA) 10th anniversary conference was held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, on November 12-15th 2008. “Global Leadership: Portraits of the Past, Visions for the Future” was the topic of this conference with 900+ participants and 100+ simultaneous sessions facilitated by presenters from all around the world. Due to […]
Notes From the Field: The French Letter: Integral News, Happenings and Events in France
Brian Van der Horst
Since this is my first report of integral news from France, I’ll make this more of a year’s summary of 2008 happenings. In future postings, I’ll check in with each issue of Integral Leadership Review. Perhaps the most significant literary event last year was the March publication of Ken Wilber’s The Integral Vision, by the psychology division […]
Notes From the Field: Integral Neuroscience: An Evening with Alan Watkins at the London Integral Circle Salon
Michael Dewan-Herrick
The London Integral Circle hosted Alan Watkins to speak at our November salon on the topic of “Integral Neuroscience”. Alan holds a medical degree from the University of London, as well as a Ph.D. in immunology and an undergraduate degree in psychology. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Psychological Medicine at Imperial […]
Book Reviews
Book Review: Obama, Leadership and Hierarchical Complexity
Russ Volckmann
A Review of Don Dunoon, In the Leadership Mode. Vancouver, Canada: Trafford Publishers, 2008. And a nod to Sara Nora Ross, “Fractal Transition Steps To Fractal Stages: The Dynamics of Evolution, II,” World Futures, Vol. 64 Nos. 05–07 (2008); and “Perspectives On Troubled Interactions: What Happened When A Small Group Began To Address Its Community’s Adversarial Political […]
Book Review: An Integrative Approach to Leader Development
Laura Santana
David Day, Michelle Harrison, and Stanley Halpin. An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise. New York: Taylor & Frances Group, Routledge (2009). Mindful of the fragmented approaches to developing leaders and leadership, these authors have thoughtfully integrated fields of inquiry (cognitive, social, organizational, developmental and organizational psychology, identity theory, competency/behavior) in […]
Announcements: 2009 Readers’ Choice Award
Russ Volckmann
What have you read related to Integral Leadership in 2008 that you think is outstanding? It is time once again to submit nominations for the Integral Leadership Review’s Readers’ Choice Award It can be a book, an essay, an article in any publication! Send your nominations to russ@integralleadershipreview.com 2007 winners:   Bill Joiner and Steve Josephs […]
Russ Volckmann
Top Ten Forecasts for 2009 and Beyond http://www.wfs.org/Sept-Oct08/Nov-Dec, FUTURIST/topTen.htm Each year since 1985, the editors of THE FUTURISThave selected the most thought-provoking ideas and forecasts appearing in the magazine to go into our annual Outlook report. Over the years, Outlook has spotlighted the emergence of such epochal developments as the Internet, virtual reality, and the end […]
Global Values Update
Global Values Update: Evolving Values in the 21st Century: An Integrated View
Alan Tonkin
In considering the rapidly changing “Global Village” in which we live and the profound changes taking place in society at all levels, a key component of this change is the values mix experienced globally, as well as on a country by country basis. The recent publication of “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” produced by […]