October 2006
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Leadership Quote
Leadership Quote
At one time I got interested in trying to understand how great leaders created enormous social change – take Christ, take Muhammad, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Jr. When you look back at their history, almost without exception they were nobodies. Nobody! Gandhi was just a mediocre attorney who got thrown […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
Leadership Coaching Tip
Russ Volckmann
Purpose and Principle in Leadership Dee Hock said, “I believe that purpose and principle, clearly understood and articulated, and commonly shared, are the genetic code of any healthy organization.” Such purpose and principle as exists is initiated and sustained by players throughout an organization. Purpose and principle guide the actions of leaders, collaborators and followers. […]
Fresh Perspective
A Fresh Perspective: Changing Self and World An Interview with John Smith, September 19, 2006
Russ Volckmann
Russ:  Welcome to the Integral Leadership Review, John Smith. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to talk with you. John: Thank you, Russ, for the invitation. Russ: I’d like to start off by sharing a quote from Don Beck. It was a comment about you that at least captures the scope of some of the things that we may […]
Dialogur: Integral Theory into Integral Action, Part 2
Mark Edwards and Russ Volckmann
(Click here for Part 1) Russ: There were a couple of themes in your closing statement in Part 1 that I would like to return to before we begin exploring mapping and applications (of course there may arise a variety of themes that we will want to explore before, during and after the more “practical” aspects of our […]
Feature Articles
Feature Article: Integral Leadership as Supporting Epistemic Sophistication in Knowledge-Building Communities
Tom Murray
Introduction In a general sense leaders “lead, inspire, and/or organize” people to form beliefs or take actions and theories of leadership cover a wide range of concerns, including management, organizational transformation, character development and psycho-social motivation. For this article I take a particular meaning or slice within the numerous goals and skill sets entailed by […]
Feature Article: Silverbacks, Connectors, and Hybrids: Understanding the Psychology of Network Development
Max Klau
By Max Klau, Ed.D., Senior Researcher for Leadership and Evaluation. City Year, Inc. Contact Information: 10 Craigie St. Apt. 5, Somerville, MA 02143 maxklau@juno.com Phone: (617) 413-6316 Abstract What is the connection between individual development and macro-level social system change?  This article presents an answer to this question by integrating the fields of developmental psychology and […]
Feature Article: Integral Leader – Follower Relationships: Options in 4-D
Robert Wayne Johnston, PhD
Abstract One way or another, we are all both leaders and followers. The value of an integral understanding of leaders and followers seems to have become heightened commensurate with a dramatic increase in the uncertainty and complexity involved in doing business throughout the world, especially since 9/11. To complicate matters further and create even more […]
Integral for the Masses
Integral for the Masses: “ Myth and the Integral Leader”
Keith Bellamy
A fundamental tenet of Integral Theory places the role of myth at an early stage of development both individually and collectively.  Those who allow myths to dictate and dominate their lives are deemed to be operating at a pre-rational level of cognition.  One of the major criticisms of the New Age Movement is that it […]
Leadership Emerging
Leadership Emerging
Russ Volckmann
Summary “Ideas as Art” The HBR Interview with James G. March, Harvard Business Review, 84, 10, October 2006, pp. 83-89. When I was a graduate student at Berkeley during the 1960s among the names of important contributors to organization theory was James G. March, along with others such as Peter Drucker, Herbert A. Simon, Wes Churchman […]
Book Reviews
Book Review: Building a Values-Driven Organization: A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation
Matthew Kalman
Kalman’s Kosmos Richard Barrett (2006). Building a Values-Driven Organization: A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation. London: Butterworth Heinemann, Elsevier. When I read on Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Integral e-list that ” HearthStone Homes is one of the few companies that has instituted an Integral culture in the workplace” my ears pricked up. Has this Omaha-based home […]
Russ Volckmann
Notes: Resources Promote your leadership related events and publications here. It does not matter where in the world they will take place or are distributed from. We have readers in that region and/or who may be traveling there. We encourage you to send time-sensitive information to the Integral Leadership Review far enough in advance to be useful […]
Coda: Keith E. Rice
Keith Rice
CODA: Keith E. Rice, Knowing Me, Knowing You: An Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfillment & Better Relationships, Trafford Publishing, 2006 Here is a highly professional treatment of an approach to understanding ourselves and other people. The use of the term “SocioPsychology” serves as a clue that the author integrates the work of Clare Graves, Don […]
Coda: Brad Reynolds
Brad Reynolds
CODA: Brad Reynolds, Where’s Wilber At? Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision in the New Millenium St. Paul, MN, USA: Paragon House, 2006. Whether in conversations with individuals or in groups the question often arises as to whether there is one book that someone can read to get started understanding Ken Wilber’s work. I have heard people suggest […]