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Integral Journey, 2012: Hawaii – San Francisco – Denver

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Marina Danilova

An Integral Journey is a unique way to find a source of energy and drive it into yourself, an exciting opportunity to disclose your own strengths to realize what used to seem to belong to the world of dreams only. What am I doing? What am I contributing to the world? What do I want? What am I capable of? Where am I going to? Where do I get the energy to transfer to …

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / March 2012

Eco Leadership: The Practice of Deep Understanding in Action

Renee Snow

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Eco Leadership, refers to the marriage of ecology and economy within leadership science. As it is applied here, ecology means the interrelationship among beings in a community and economy is the management of resources within a community. For a leadership model to be sustainable and while building capacity it must address both ecology and economy.

Coinciding with …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Leadership Coaching From an SDi Perspective

Leadership Coaching Tips / March 2011

Leadership Coaching From an SDi Perspective

Rachel Castagne

Leader: A person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

‘To lead’: To cause a person or animal to go with one, especially by drawing them along or by preceding them to a destination.


Clare Graves’ research and theory on levels of existence, or Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) as it is been made more widely known through Dr Don Beck, gives us useful insights into …