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11/30 – We Recreate Ourselves

November 2018 / Leadership Coaching Tips

One of my favorite things about The Leadership Circle is that it fundamentally supports the idea that we recreate ourselves. The Reactive half of the circle offers us a frame for the things that have happened to us historically and a rooting in the way that has impacted us as humans over the course of our lives since that part of our story integrated itself. And becoming more Creative gives us a supported opportunity to choose

Intention, Direction, Action: Inspiring Integral Leadership Through Process-oriented, Imagery-based Learning

Feature Articles / March 2013

Dorit Netzer


Drawing on humanistic and transpersonal psychologies and phenomenological theories of the imagination, this paper seeks to contribute to the development of theories and practices at the intersection of transpersonal, transformative adult education and integral leadership, particularly by advancing the Metagogy model of teaching and learning, as recently outlined by McCaslin and Scott. The author explores the phenomenological nature of imagery in its encapsulation of tacit or explicit intention, intrinsic direction, and embedded action. …