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8/31 – 3D-Management: An Integral Business Theory

Integral European Conference #IEC2016 / August-November 2016

Marco Antonio Robledo


3D-Management is an integral meta-theory of management that integrates organizational knowledge in an integral, balanced and non-marginalizing framework. It stands for Three-Dimensional Management, in reference to the three fundamental and irreducible dimensions (the Big Three) that integral management should address: science, arts and ethics, which refer respectively to the techno-economical, the aesthetic- emotional and the moral aspects of organizational reality. Those three dimensions combine in a fourth one, the spiritual dimension, which …

John P. Forman and Laurel A. Ross. Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step.

Leadership Emerging / June 2013

John P. Forman and Laurel A. Ross. integral leadership cover Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions, SUNY, 2013.

If you are looking for an introductory text that you can include in an undergraduate or Master’s course on leadership, here it is. In addition to laying out the elements of the Wilberian integral model in relation to leadership, the authors have accumulated many supporting examples from the literature, but little from direct experience. This is surprising since Forman is the Managing Director …