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8/31 – Flow-Based Leadership Book Review

Book Reviews / August-November 2016

Jackie Damrau

Judith L. Glick-Smith (2016). Flow-Based Leadership: What the best firefighters can teach you about leadership and making hard decisions. Technics Publishers.

Flow based leadership

Flow-Based Leadership: What the Best Firefighters Can Teach You About Leadership and Making Hard Decisions is about the leadership in the world of firefighting. These individuals have split seconds in which to make life-altering decisions for those they are saving, those they are protecting, and for themselves. Split second decisions can be harrowing …

8/19 – When Flow Doesn’t Happen

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

Judith L. Glick-Smith

Judy G-S - Copy (415x500)

I’m all about flow. Being in a flow state brings me a sense of joy and the feeling of being authentic in the moment. This is a topic I have been studying for eight years and with which I feel intimately connected. Since beginning my study of flow—what it is, what triggers it (for me and for others), how to influence the environment to facilitate it—I have learned how to consciously create flow …

6/16 – Flow-Based Leadership

Leadership Coaching Tips / April - June 2015

Judith L. Glick-Smith, Ph.D.

Have you ever worked in an environment where everyone is happy and productive, where everyone is actually having fun doing what they do. No one complains about [the boss / a co-worker / the project / upper management / etc.]. The organization is innovative, creative, and profitable. The workplace fosters a sense of belonging, collaboration, and a “do whatever it takes” attitude. There are organizations, both geographically contained and virtual, where this …