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8/19 – 2015-16 State of the Future – The Millennium Project

Notes from the Field / August-November 2015

2015-16 State of the Future
Jerome C. Glenn, Elizabeth Florescu and The Millennium Project Team


Concerned for “the” and “our” future? Highly recommended report by the UN sponsored Millennium Project. The report contains much more useful information than can be offered in this space. The link above provides access to the full report and the executive summary from which the following has been excerpted. –rv

Through a series of international Delphi surveys beginning in 1997 …

Transdisciplinary Reflections: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Column / March 2013

Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and the Creative (R)evolution.

Alfonso Montuori

When the Going Gets Weird…

When historians look back on the beginning of the 21st century, and around 2008, I believe they will view it as a time of great historical significance. We are in a “postnormal age,” according to the British futurist Zia Sardar, a time when everything is changing, uncertain, ambiguous, complex. Zygmunt Bauman, the Polish sociologist, calls ours Liquid Modernity. We’ve moved from …

John Renesch, The Great Growing Up

Leadership Emerging / January 2013

The Great Growing Up coverJohn Renesch. The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity’s Future. Prescott, AZ: HOHM Press, 2012.

John Renesch states that he coined the term conscious leadership in the early 1990s. Certainly, the blurbs supporting this book suggest that he has been long considered a positive force for development and change. For example, Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism, writes,

With so many of us struggling, we all need a