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06/29 – Going Slow to Go Fast

June 2019 / Leadership Coaching Tips

Jody Jones

Often when we want to make a change, it is because a pattern of behavior, beliefs and confirmation bias has become entrenched and isn’t working for us any longer, even though in the past it served us rather well. Once the commitment to change is activated, there is a strong push to kill the old pattern and eliminate it from our life. We just want to jump into the new way of being and …

1/15 – Integral Coaching Canada with Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2015


Marilyn:  Well, I want to just start our interview with an expression of gratitude. We’re in Canada and this happens to be the week before Thanksgiving. So I thought it would be really speaking from my heart to say thank you very much for taking the courage to open, what I’m calling a “portal” from where new leadership has been emerging. When you started Integral Coaching Canada (ICC), I really think you opened something very …

Integral Coaching as a Tool for Transformational Change

Feature Articles / October 2012

Marina Danilova

This article outlines general provisions, which form the basis of integral coaching, as well as its methodology. It will give you a general idea of changes that an adult undergoes, and the role and content of the help that a coach provides to his client in the course of these changes. The key points are supported by real-life examples from my practice, but those examples are represented not in full and at times even …