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11/30 – Transformations on the Path to Really Teal & Turquoise Organizations

Feature Articles / August-November 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

The idea of “teal organizations” described in Frederick Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations is gaining popularity today both globally and in Russia.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders in various companies—from IT to banks—are seeking new forms of self-organizing. They’re tired of the limitations that are inherent in classical hierarchical subdivisions, their low efficiency and effectiveness and incapacity to flexibly adapt to the VUCA world (that is, our world now characterized by volatility, uncertainty, change, …

4/28 – The developing developments of development!

Leading Comments / April-June 2016

I’m pleased to introduce you the first release of the April-June Issue of the Integral Leadership Review. First off, I have to say I am excited to be heading to the Integral European Conference, May 4th – 8th. Our very own Natasha Mantler will be presenting on Women’s Authentic Leadership Development, delving into the correlation between women’s authentic leadership and stages of adult development. I have the pleasure of leading a dialogue around …

11/30 – “Reinventing Organisations” and the Teal impulse

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

Jon Freeman

So what’s this “Teal” organisations thing?

There has been some major buzz generating about “Teal” organisations.  It started with Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organizations”.  There are some good videos on YouTube of Frederic talking about it and if you haven’t read it, you can easily get an overview.  The buzz has been amplified by other conversations.  One of the example organisations, the Dutch healthcare company Buurtzorg, has particularly inspired people in Europe. Founder / …

4/7 – 2nd Tier Teal Organizations: Magic, Myth or Evolutionary Step?

Leadership Emerging / April - June 2015

download“[E]very time humanity has shifted to a new stage, it has invented a new way to collaborate, a new organizational model” (Laloux, 2014, Kindle Locations 385-386).

The above quote is the premise of Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. As he points out in the book, data in this area is as yet pretty slim. That being said, Laloux presents case studies on 12 different companies across various economic sectors that paint a pretty clear picture. Organizations …