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05/31 – Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams

Feature Articles / May 2018

Otto Laske & Jan De Visch


Dynamic collaboration between members of a team is impossible without self-management. Self-management plays an increasingly important role also in society. Civic Movements are good examples of efficient groups without proclaimed leadership. Companies, too, increasingly tend to strive towards self-organization which, ultimately, is based on self-management. For them, decisions have to fall faster and faster, and the classic hierarchy makes that difficult. Flanders Business School teacher Jan De Visch and …

4/7 – Team Coaching from an Adult-Developmental Perspective

Announcements / April - June 2015

The Otto Laske Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) is the world-renowned teaching and research center for adult development based on the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF).

April 29, 2015 1PM ET – 6 x 1h, weekly, with time slots for independent cohort work $625.00

In this course, team leaders and team coaches acquire new competences pertaining to working with teams. Specifically, they learn to experience work with team members from a social-emotional perspective and therefore are able to discern …