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11/30 – Paths of Waking Up and Growing Up as Vectors of Growth to Greater Wisdom and Joy

November 2018 / Feature Articles

There are two foundational vectors of consciousness and self-development: vertical and horizontal.

Vertical Development is studied by developmental psychology. The psychology of child development studies stages of consciousness and selfhood formation in children. The study of Adult Development investigates the trajectory of an adult personality through the stages of increasing maturity of meaning-making and self-sense. Scholars and researchers discern about a dozen of major stages or fulcrums of development through which a person might go over …

8/31 – John Stewart reviews Laske on Dialectical Thinking

Book Reviews / August-November 2016

John Stewart
Otto Laske, Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders:
A Primer. Tucson: Integral Publishers, 2015.

Gregory Bateson famously said:

The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.”

This statement of Bateson’s identifies a serious issue for humanity.

If our thinking does not enable us to build effective mental models of reality, we will be unable to understand the causes of the …

1/18 – Who benefits from vertical development in Russia today?

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Anastasia Nekrasova and Irina Smirnova

An expanded individual: an end or a means?

Coaching in Russia is a relatively new field. Although in its cradle, developmental coaching awakes curiosity – it seems to have powers to transform people and systems. How do those coaches use this power? Who benefits from the transformations they induce?

This article arose from observing a pattern within the coaching practice in Russia: we coaches seem to be more comfortable working with …