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Society for Research in Adult Development

25th Annual Adult Development Symposium
March 9-10, 2010 ~ In Philadelphia

Sofitel Hotel
120 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Hotel Website
Symposium Fees
Professional $60 ($75 at the door)
Student $35 ($40 at the door)

Register for the Adult Development Symposium online:

Alternatively, you may register by mail; send a check (made payable to the Society for Research in Adult Development) with full contact information to:

Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
234 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138-1328

Questions? Contact Michael Lamport Commons at
Be The Change

Forthcoming Be The Change Symposiums:

The Symposium takes a fresh look at our most critical current concerns—environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment—and explores and exposes what connects them. A unique, one-day workshop experience, it offers insight into the nature of our world, with leading-edge information, dynamic group interaction and inspiring video clips from some of the world’s most respected thinkers and doers, including Paul Hawken, Desmond Tutu, Julia Butterfly Hill, Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.

Sunday, January 24, Chester, 1.30 – 5.30, Bookings: 01244 323037
Saturday, February 13, Redhill, Surrey, 10.30 – 4, Bookings 07842 344801
Saturday, February 20, Tatling End, Bucks, 10 – 5, Bookings 01273 566 632
Saturday, March 13, Glastonbury, 11 – 5, Bookings 07969 640 102

Monday February 15: ENGAGING THE POWERS – Bristol
7.30pm on the 3rd Floor, Bush House (above the Arnolfini) 72 Prince Street BS1 4QD £3 entry

Alastair McIntosh, environmental campaigner and acclaimed author (Soil and Society; Hell and High Water) will speak in Bristol as a guest of The Bristol Ecoshows.

April 16-18th: Mystics and Scientists 33 – Order out of Chaos: Possibilities for Transformation? – University of Winchester
Presented by the Scientific and Medical Network

This year we are responding to the spirit of our times, asking if new forms of order can emerge from the turbulence we are experiencing, perhaps through a transformation of consciousness and world-view.

Speakers: – Prof Stuart Kauffman – Brother David Steindl-Rast OSB – Dr. Marie Angelo – Prof Wolfgang Michalski – Prof. Simon Conway-Morris FRS – Barnaby Brown
Chairs: Dr. Peter Fenwick and David Lorimer

For further details go to Call 01608 652 000 or
National Collegiate Leadership Conference!

The National Collegiate Leadership Conference is a 3-day conference hosted at The University of Arizona each February. This year’s conference, February 19-21, 2010 will have over 60 workshops and teambuilding sessions facilitated by students and staff from across the country, service projects, a Keynote Banquet, a motivational speaker, and leadership excursions throughout the Tucson area.

The conference attracts hundreds of student and staff participants from over 40 institutions from coast to coast allowing participants to learn about leadership and network with peers from other institutions. Participants can earn a Leadership Enrichment Certificate for attending 8 hours of workshops and teambuilding or the new Excellence in Service and Leadership Certificate for attending 8 hours of workshops and teambuilders plus participating in the All Conference Service Project.

And all of this plus a conference t-shirt is only $50 if you register by January 22! To find out more information about the conference and to register, please visit Contact Tom Murray at 520-621-8065 or with any questions.

Tom Murray, M.A.
Coordinator for Social Justice Education and Leadership Training
Director, ATLAS and NCLC
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
The University of Arizona

Want to earn a Leadership Certificate? Check out ATLAS! Click here
for more information!

Save the Date! NCLC 2010 will be February 19-21, 2010. here for more details!


EURAM 2010 (18th-22nd May, Rome Italy)
Torvergata University
Track 47: Philosophical thorns in the side of Leadership Studies

Antonio Marturano (CERSI, LUISS University, Italy; email: and
Jonathan Gosling (CLS, University of Exeter, UK email:
Martin Wood (York Business School, UK, email:

A short description of the track:

Leadership is a diversifying topic in management studies, drawing on concepts from root disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology and, to a limited extent, moral philosophy. Many scholars celebrate this hybridity and the apparent freedom it confers to work from diverse epistemological assumptions. For a number of reasons (including the developmental, prescriptive and consultancy oriented focus of much research) these assumptions are seldom openly debated beyond a justification of research methods; thus ontological questions about the definition of leadership are overlooked or reduced to post hoc descriptions of behaviour – i.e. are assumed to be based in psychology. A second effect of this behavioural orientation is that potential contributions from philosophy have been largely overlooked – at least in the more recent flurry of new journals and the avalanche of popular and scholarly publications on the topic.

On the other hand leadership is not a “young” discipline. For instance, Plato is seen as one of the forerunners of leadership studies, it was a philosophical topic for Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Niccolò Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant and Karl Popper. Many of them not only talked about “great men”, but also about how to manage organizations, limits of leadership, and leadership crisis, to name just a few, still relevant, topics. Where contemporary leadership studies have shown any interest in philosophy it has been on its ethical dimension, missing the potential contributions of intellectual tools offered by modern philosophy (such as philosophy of language, philosophical logic, analytic philosophy, continental philosophy, and process philosophy).

In this track we encourage papers focusing on rethinking leadership from a philosophical point of view. We believe that a philosophical approach would cast a new light on epistemological weaknesses in leadership, and in understanding leadership concepts in a more precise and clear way.

Philosophers working in other traditions, beyond the canonical scope or Europe, have also puzzled over leadership, ontologically and pragmatically. For this EURAM stream we invite contributions from such perspectives, especially where they illuminate our Euro-centrism (if such it is).
For further information see:


Calendar of R2 events for 2010

1) Renaissance2 Intensives in Brussels and London

“Catalyzing Synergy & Symbiosis between Business, Government and Civil Society toward a Second Renaissance:”

Morning: “The Innovator’s Dilemma Part 1: Co-creating Resilient Environments & Renewable Energy Systems for the 21st Century”
Afternoon: “The Innovator’s Dilemma Part 2: Designing Enlightened Enterprises and Integral Governance Systems for the 21st Century”

Friday 12th February 2010 – Brussels
Friday 19th February 2010 – London

For registration details, please send an e-mail to

2) Robin Wood & Andrew Cohen at the UK EnlightenNext Centre

“Conscious Evolution – Co-creating a Second Renaissance: Making it through to a Thriving Global Civilisation in the Next Decade”

Deploying an integral approach we will explore the role of the individual in being and behavior, while mining the memes and mapping the movement we call the great shift.

Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st February 2010 – Islington, UK

3) R2 WorldShift Leadership Circle (R2WLC): What the World Needs Now…

27th to 29th May 2010

At R2WLC gatherings executives and leaders from around the world will assemble for an intensive three days in which they grapple together with issues and challenges of this great shift and focus on how they can develop rapid solutions through meshworked organizations.

4) R2 Great Shift Gathering 2010

21st to 25th October 2010
Put this date in your dairy to be one of the pioneers who are co-creating a renewable and thriving global civilization. Even if you were not at our last event we would be delighted to take the next steps of this journey together with YOU. We will provide you with the tools and methods we are using in R2.

To become part of Renaissance2 and receive updates and the R2 monthly newsletter join the R2 Global Meshwork at


Next Step Integral Presents:
Integral Education and Ecology Seminar
Two seminars woven into One!

Deepening our Practice Through Integral Awareness
August 3-8, 2010, Mount Madonna, Watsonville CA.

Please join us for a for a dynamic and profound week of growth, practice, study, and self-inquiry. We look forward to seeing you there!


Jean Gebser Study and Discussion

“We invite those who are seriously interested in discussing Jean Gebser and his work in light of Ken Wilber’s articulation of an emergent Integral consciousness. We are not here to score intellectual points with one another, but to formulate a ‘community of the adequate’ around Gebser’s work so that we might have a more robust understanding of the Integral Age that so many of us are interested in midwifing.”


World Future Society’s Annual Meeting, July 8-10, 2010.

WorldFuture 2010: Sustainable Futures, Strategies, and Technologies, to be held in Boston at the beautiful (and conveniently located) Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, will bring together an exciting and diverse array of forward-thinkers from around the world, including:

* Wendell Wallach (opening plenary speaker), ethicist with Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and author of “Moral Machines.”
* Ray Kurzweil (keynote speaker), noted inventor and author whose groundbreaking ideas about the coming Singularity have been widely quoted and debated.
* Michael Rogers (keynote speaker), journalist and former futurist-in- residence for the New York Times Company.
* Janna Quitney Anderson, director of the Imagining the Internet Center at North Carolina’s Elon University, who was interviewed in the January-February 2010 issue of THE FUTURIST magazine for its series on 2020 Visionaries.
* Harvey Cox, who is the Hollis Research professor of Divinity at Harvard University and the author of “The Secular City” and “The Future of Faith.”
* Jerome C. Glenn, Theodore J. Gordon, and Elizabeth Florescu of the Millennium Project, along with node leaders from around the world, such as Concepción Olavarrieta (Mexico), Mohan Tikku (India), Pavel Novacek (central Europe), Geci Karuri-Sebina (South Africa), David Harries (Canada), Miguel Gutierrez (Argentina), and Frank Catanzaro (Cyber node).

New speakers are being confirmed every week, so check the Web site often:

The conference will cover key issue areas and track significant breakthroughs and macrotrends in business and careers, resources and the environment, learning and education, science and technology, values and spirituality, communities and governance, society and culture, and health and wellness. In addition, many sessions will focus on futures methodologies and trends in the profession. Check the issue areas page for links to the latest confirmed

You’ll also have the opportunity to enhance your conference experience with a wide selection of preconference courses, special events, keynote presentations

— and of course the community of colleagues who make World Future Society meetings the uniquely stimulating
events you’ve come to expect! If you’d like a preview of the conference experience, check out some of our
past speakers’ presentations at YouTube:

Register for WorldFuture 2010

You should also reserve your room at The Westin Waterfront Hotel. Mention that you’re attending the WFS meeting to receive your special rate of $175(single or double) or call 617-532-4600 and mention that you are attending the WFS meeting.


Boulder Integral

03/01 – 03/05, 2010: Integral Incubator 2, Five-day Intensive with Jeff Salzman,
including an afternoon with Ken Wilber in his Denver loft

Are you inspired by a great idea, project or personal calling? Are you frustrated by distractions and lower priorities that keep slowing you down? If so, consider attending a five-day boot camp at The Boulder Integral Center, designed to usher you into your next stage of effectiveness – using your own work as your object of practice! Read more here.
For questions, please email or call 303-541-1540.

Boulder Integral Center
2805 Broadway Street (north/west corner of Broadway & Balsam)
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 541 1540

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