05/31 – Natasha Mantler

Letters to Russ / May 2018

It has been just over nine months since Russ passed. There is an immense hole in our lives. At his ocean ceremony in Monterrey California, I expressed how Russ helped me believe in humanity again. The absolute joy and love on his face when he looked at Jeannie, the love and kindness in his eyes when he looked into my soul, the gratitude, respectful love, and excitement he shared with Eric, blessed us so very much in his last few years. He was mostly able to by-pass the “integral drama,” the inevitable conflict that arises with the emergence of a new consciousness, and treat each person with humanity and grace, while encouraging them to become their purpose. Our soul family misses you truly, madly, deeply, and will endeavour to honour your legacy.

Until next time. Sending you light and love,


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