Announcements / May 2004

Integral Organizational Leadership

Here is the workshop many of you may have been waiting for. Here is Integral Leadership as applied to organizational life in our times. The faculty is a solid in-crowd from the Integral Institute and all of them are active in applying integral concepts in consulting, training, coaching, and/or executive education. If there is any place in the world where the best of Integral Leadership and organizational thinking should be brought together in a meaningful way it will be here. – Russ

Faculty: John Forman, Brett Thomas, Bert Parlee, Leo Burke

Ken Wilber will facilitate three half-day sessions
August 30 – Sept 3, 2004: Denver, Colorado

Here is an excerpt from the program description, Russ

Five Days to Breakthrough Leadership Effectiveness

Integral Leadership is the capacity to engage both people and systems. Most of today’s leaders are proficient with the technical dimensions of their organization’s products and processes. Others are adept with the human elements of culture, ethics and behavior. Only the Integral Approach offers a complete roadmap that includes both the interior and exterior competencies necessary for effective leadership in today’s brutally competitive and fast-changing world.

Through an unfolding series of didactic and experiential learning modules, you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the world’s first truly Integral Approach to business leadership, known as AQAL (“all-quadrant, all-level”), an integral approach tailored directly to your specific leadership challenges.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn how to navigate the basic elements of the Integral Model (all quadrants, lines, levels, states and types). You’ll leave with deeper theoretical understanding of the integral approach as well as practical strategies specific to your actual working situation.
  • New leadership tools and methods for integrally informed strategic thinking, innovation, communication, collaboration, negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Multiple intelligences: not just emotional intelligence, but interpersonal, spiritual, moral, and even physical.
  • Using the four quadrants as a quick scanning device to diagnose your organization’s ailments, so you can design more complete treatments. NOTE: You are invited to bring your current problems and opportunities to the workshop for discussion and real world application.
  • Gain a panoramic view of society’s evolutionary development in a cultural, technological, environmental and geopolitical context, revealing dynamics crucial to your organization’s-and your own-success.
  • How to use multiple perspectives to gauge an individual’s or group’s meaning-making systems so that you can more effectively influence, support and lead them.
  • Integral decision-making: techniques that allows for more comprehensive assessments and laser focused action.
  • Integrally informed methods to expand your team’s capacity to make sustainable changes and resolve situations that have proven resistant to change.
  • Gain a clearer sense of your own growth along various lines of development. Identify personal and career goals and specific methods strategies for achieving them.
  • PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to receive Ken Wilber’s perspectives regarding your most pressing questions, concerns and issues in an informal, intimate atmosphere of learning and discovery.

(We have received no payment for this announcement and it was unsolicited by Integral University or anyone else for that matter.– Russ

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences

14th Annual International Conference
15-18 July 2004
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Glenda Eoyang, Executive Director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute, Options for Action: Paradox and Surprise in Human Systems Dynamics
  • Dr. Raima Larter, Program Director of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the National Science Foundation, Lessons for Life from the Newest Science
  • Dr. Michael Gillespie, Professor of English, Marquette University, The Chaos and Complexity of Classic Hollywood Cinema

(I was asked to share this information with you and readily agreed. This group has always been cutting edge and challenging.– Russ)