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1/18 – To Russia, with love of extremes

Notes from the Field / January-February 2016

Anouk Brack, MSc.

Anouk Brack

In 2015 I traveled to Moscow twice to teach about Leadership Embodiment in the Embodiment Facilitator Course (EFC) by Mark Walsh and Alexandra Vilvovskaya. I was asked to reflect on my experience teaching in Russia for this special edition of Integral Leadership Review.

Context: the Embodiment Facilitator Course

This course is aimed at body workers who want to offer their services in business and organisations, and for HR professionals and (executive) coaches who …

4/1 – Insights on 3-D Leadership Development and Enactment

Feature Articles / April- June 2014

Anouk Brack

Are you missing out on 75% of professional leadership potential?

Deploy the 3-D developmental strategy and transcend the limits of competence-based leadership development.

This article will describe what the next level in leadership development is and how to access it. Firstly, the strengths and limitations of the concept of competence building are explained. Then the two missing dimensions of leadership development are highlighted. This offers a 3-D view of the leaders’ developmental axes and …

Notes from the Field: Change for Good: Dynamically Steering towards a Healthy Humanity on a Healthy Planet

Notes from the Field / June 2011

Change for Good: Dynamically Steering towards a Healthy Humanity on a Healthy Planet—5 Reflections on the Authentic Leadership in Action (ALiA) Europe Conference

Anouk Brack

1. Change for Good – introduction to ALiA conference theme

2. Practice & Purpose – possible definitions

3. Experience of Embodied Leadership – getting a somatic sense of Embodied Leadership work

4. The dynamic balance of Power & Love – on the Adam Kahane and Wendy Palmer Module

5. The Art

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / June 2010

Review of Wendy Palmer’s Conscious Embodiment Seminar
by Anouk Brack

“It is not that I stay balanced all the time, I just recover so fast, nobody notices the imbalance.”
–paraphrasing O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba,
founder of the martial art Aikido

I highly recommend Wendy Palmer’s teaching of embodied leadership through conscious embodiment practices that she skillfully derived from Aikido. Aikido means something like “the way of harmony with the life-force.” I participated in her conscious embodiment …