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And then what…? The Aftermath of the 2009 Iceland National Assembly

March 2012 / Notes from the Field

Bjarni S. Jonsson

Bjarni S. Jonsson

In November 2009, Iceland residents were invited to engage in a dialogue on issues facing the nation following a total collapse of its financial system and resulting in a severe national crisis. The challenge was that of a general visioning for the society and to establish a desirable evolutionary pathway. The event was organized by a grassroots organization that called itself The Anthill. Public decision makers were wary of the …

Notes from the Field

January 2010 / Notes from the Field

Iceland National Assembly
by Bjarni S. Jonsson

A Short History from a Personal Perspective

jonssonEvery member of the organizing group, of the National Assembly, called the Anthill, has their own story to tell prior to the actual foundation of the group, since they had all been working one way or another towards some sort of a dialogue on a national scale. Here is my story of the background for the formation of the Anthill which then …