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Feature Articles / June 2010

Integral Business: How to Make a Difference and Make Money While Doing What You Love
by Brian Whetten


whettenIn working with hundreds of conscious businesses over the past five years, we noticed a curious pattern. The more conscious the business leaders were, and the more committed the organization was to making a difference in the world, the more difficult it seemed to be for them to build a successful, profitable business–at least at first.

In …

Feature Article: Teaching vs. Preaching: The Power of Using Key Distinctions in Integral Leadership Development

Feature Articles / August 2006

Brian Whetten, Ph.D., M.A.Summary

One of the defining hallmarks of “second stage” integral thinking is the ability to move beyond seeing our current developmental stage as the “one true stage” that “should” be used by everyone. Yet the process through which myself and many others have embraced integral theory is much like a religious conversion experience. In my Integral Leadership development efforts, I’ve often found myself preaching instead of teaching.

This challenge stems directly from the greatest strength of …