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9/24 – Sustainable Cultures, Sustainable Planet: A Values System Perspective on Constructive Dialogue and Cooperative Action

Feature Articles / August - November 2014

Don Edward Beck

Dr. Don Beck
Dr. Don Beck

In the Beginning… 

Still fresh in my mind is a story from my youth, one often told by both teachers and clerics to dramatize the importance of people in whatever kind of world we were able to imagine. A youngster was given a puzzle that had a picture of the earth on one side and was asked to put it together as quickly as possible. The teacher was astounded that

10/26 – Shift New Orleans and Tulane School of Social Work

Notes from the Field / August-November 2013

Dr. Don E. Beck

Julianna D. Padgett, Ph.D., LCSW, Assistant Dean of the School of Social Work at Tulane University led the organization of a presentation and a meetings/trainings between Don Beck, students and faculty with Dr. Laura Horn and Darrell Gooden participating in support. In total, 210 people attended. Additional trainings are scheduled for January with a possible SDi 1 in March after Mardi Gras.

We had a wonderful experience in New Orleans with “cultural …

The Master Code and Integral Politics in Polarized America

Column / March 2013

Don E. Beck

Regardless of your own political views, memetic codes, or location on the intensity spectrum (from flame thrower to pragmatic) you must be both concerned and confused as to the current issues in Washington DC. While the words “stalemate, “crazy,” “polarized and soaked with acrimony,” define the condition, it appears the huge gaps in our society continue to grow and expand. The fiercely fought presidential campaign has not abated one bit. President Obama’s campaign …

The Master Code: Spiral Dynamics Integral

Column / January 2013

Lincoln and Polarization

Don E. Beck

No more shall the war-cry sever;
Or the winding river turn red;
We shall bury our anger;
As we cover the graves of our dead.
Love and tears for the Blue;
Tears and love for the Gray.

It will always be difficult for me to separate the man from the myth, the gladiator from the visionary, and the playful jokester from the serious liberator. As is often the …

The Master Code: Spiral Dynamics Integral

Column / August 2012

Meshworks Solutions: Doing what Needs to be Done!

Don Beck

Our Regrets. We were unable to secure this column for this issue. Please see the October issue that is forthcoming. We anticipate the column will resume then.



The Master Code: Spiral Dynamics integral

Column / June 2012

The Integral Dance: How a Master Code Pollinates and Preserves the Culture of Bumblebees

Don Beck

If anyone ever reminded me of a human bumblebee at buzz in the world, it would be the author Howard Bloom in his creative nest in Brooklyn, New York. Actually, his nest is on the second floor of one of those unique, historic “building-hives” a couple of subway stops from Broadway. He used to throw down the keys to a …

Cracking the Master Code: The Search for a New Metaphor to Facilitate Human Emergence

Column / March 2012

“Spiral Dynamics Integral is one of he first integral psychologies now available and, as presented by Don Beck, I give it my highest recommendation. It has profound implications for business, politics, education, and medicine, and it will give you the tools to begin applying these revolutionary ideas in your own field immediately. Don’t miss it!”                                                           

 Ken Wilber, author-philosopher and president, Integral Institute.

The Launch of the Master Code    

While Ken Wilber wrote this endorsement a decade …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / June 2010

11th Annual SDi Confab
Grapevine, Texas

by Dr. Don Beck

This will be the first report on the 11th Annual Confab event held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Grapevine. Texas. The theme this year dealt with the “Bio” in the Gravesian “Bio-Psycho-Social” framework, a focus that puts Spiral Dynamics at the forefront of any of the developmental/evolutionary models of human emergence, and is one of the reasons I adopted his work among 42 other models …

Notes from the Field: From Wooden Shoes to Global Minds: The Dutch Experience

Notes from the Field / January 2008

Don BeckOn December 27, 1657, a small group of 30 Dutch immigrants to the “New World” signed what was known as the Flushing Remonstrance, a manifesto declaring, “no one shall be persecuted because of his religion.” Further, “if any said persons (meaning the Quakers who were quite disruptive at the time) come in love unto us we cannot in conscience lay violent hands on them.” Even then the Dutch were known for their unusual levels of tolerance

Message from Dr. Don Beck

Dialogue / June 2006

The following is an amalgam of two email messages from Dr. Don Beck.

Thanks, Russ. Looking forward to Elza’s article. This is one talented, bright, and courageous woman. Amazing that What is Enlightenment? keeps looking for “Integral Women” when there are many right in front of their noses, especially those like Elza. It is one thing to write nice articles and work in safe environments, but another thing to go into harm’s way with a difficult …