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11/30 – Well here we are…

August-November 2017 / Leading Comments

Well here we are, towards the end of another issue of ILR, not to mention another year! This year has certainly not been without its challenges, be they personal, related to Integral Leadership Review, or the world at large. It seems society has reached a transition point, and history is waiting to see in which direction we will collectively move. Will we, as modern humans, grow up, or will we die out; these are two ends …

8/31 – And so it goes…

August-November 2017 / Leading Comments

This is an important issue, and honestly, I’m not sure where to start. This year marks 16 years since the founding of Integral Leadership Review. At the same time, this issue also marks the passing of its founder, Russ Volkmann. For the past five years it has been a true honor and a privilege to call him a mentor and a friend. We held a gathering in Monterey, California on August 27th with Jeannie Carlisle, …

4/22 – In Honor of Earth Day

April-June 2017 / Leading Comments

I am pleased to present to you the first release of our April-June 2017 Issue of ILR. We are releasing this issue today, April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day. The human condition, by definition, engenders conflict. Conflict between the inside and out, between self and other, in groups, between tribes and nations, across generations, and in the infinite unique ways in which each of us makes meaning out of the world. This issue is dedicated …

11/30 – Mni Wiconi – Water is life!

August-November 2016 / Leading Comments


With this release we offer the final five articles of 2016. They are:

Otto Laske’s How Roy Bhaskar Expanded and Deepened the Notion of Adult Cognitive Development: A Succinct History of the DialecticalThought Form Framework (DTF).

Jim Ritchie-Dunham and Maureen Metcalf’s Co-hosting: Creating Optimal Experience for Team Interactions.

Eugene Pustoshkin’s Transformations on the Path to Really Teal & Turquoise Organizations.

Alexander Malakhov’s The Truth, the Goodness, and the Beauty: Integral Essence of Russian Philosophy and …

8/31 – Und Jetzt? And now?

August-November 2016 / Leading Comments

Eric Reynolds

It has been a joy putting together this issue, not the least of which has to do with working side by side with my partner and wife, associate editor Natasha Mantler. Plus, we have an extra full issue for you to mark the end of the summer, not to mention a number of offerings from the 2016 Integral European Conference.

Eric Reynolds by Integral European Conference 2016

Eric Reynolds by Integral European Conference 2016

To start, our four feature articles alone …

8/31 – Dennis Wittrock on IEC2016 and beyond.

August-November 2016 / Fresh Perspective

Eric Reynolds

Dennis Wittrock during opening address by Integral European Conference 2016

Dennis Wittrock during opening address by Integral European Conference 2016

Dennis Wittrock, M.A. (philosophy), partner at, founder of Integral Europe, director of the Integral European Conference, certified Holacracy® Facilitator, MeetingDoctor consultant, served 5 years as CEO and board member of Integrales Forum and the Integral Academy in Germany. His purpose is to create spaces for the emergence of integral consciousness.






Eric:  Hi there Dennis! I wanted to connect …

4/28 – The developing developments of development!

April-June 2016 / Leading Comments

Eric Reynolds pic at facebook with mark zuckerberg

Eric Reynolds

I’m pleased to introduce you the first release of the April-June Issue of the Integral Leadership Review. First off, I have to say I am excited to be heading to the Integral European Conference, May 4th – 8th. Our very own Natasha Mantler will be presenting on Women’s Authentic Leadership Development, delving into the correlation between women’s authentic leadership and stages of adult development. I have the pleasure of leading a …