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Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Integral Spiritual Experience Year 1: A Part-Whole Experience of a Journey into Unique Self
by Gayle Karen Young

Five hundred people gathered in Asilomar, California over New Year’s Eve for the first ever “Integral Spiritual Experience” (ISE).

The ISE experience was a banquet of tasting from various sources of deep devotion, including one’s own, the experience of play, a deep koan, a sangha, a great party, a spiritual journey, and a whole bunch of other things …

Book Review: The Quest Effect

Book Reviews / June 2009

Review of Randall Benson’s The Quest Effect

the quest effect coverBenson, Randall (2009). The Quest Effect: Mastering Breakthrough in Your Organization.

gayle youngWho is the hero, that more-than-life-sized figure of myth and history and fairy tale; the conqueror of evil, the liberator, the rescuer of the oppressed? How terrible to think of not being the hero of one’s own life; this is the role for which each of us is cast, no matter how unsuccessfully we play it. And if …

Notes From the Field: The Wisdom of Women: Notes from the Women’s Integral Practice Retreat

Notes from the Field / October 2008

Gayle Karen YoungThere’s a tribe from Africa that makes a point of welcoming people. For instance, if one of them met you outside at a gathering, they would welcome you. If they met you inside the gathering again, even though you had only crossed paths moments before, they welcome you anew out of a belief that people need to be continuously welcomed again and again, that there are ways that we as human beings aren’t welcomed to each

Notes From the Field: Apex Perspectives: Leadership Applications of Big Mind

Notes from the Field / October 2008

The process of becoming a leader is much the same as the process of becoming an integrated human being. For the leader, as for any integrated person, life itself is the career. Discussing the process in terms of ‘leaders’ is merely a way of making it concrete. ~Warren Bennis

Gayle YoungUnderstanding this quote means having a conceptualization of what an integrated human being means, and the Big Mind process with Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel gave …