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Feature Article: The Both/And of Leadership in Living Systems Change

Feature Articles / August 2008

Helen Tichen BeethWe are faced with a growing list of models related to leadership and living systems change. Too often these models are pitted against each other in our conversations and we fail to drawn on their collective potential. I offer here an essay that can be used to frame our ability explore the conditions of change and our individual and collective roles in that change.

There are a number of angles I’d like to comment from, coming …

Book Review:Evolutionary Leadership

Book Reviews / January 2008

“ I am the universe writing about itself. You are the universe reading about itself. ”

Evolutionary Leadership CoverHelen Tichen BeethRuss Volckmann’s request that I review Peter Merry’s Evolutionary Leadership has been a personal gift to me. It is rare to come across writing that seems interwoven with one’s own heartstrings and core concerns. As far as I am concerned, this book is such.

Outside of Ken Wilber’s own prolific body of work, integral literature is still quite rare, so …

Notes from the Field: Human Emergence Confab The Netherlands – 28-30 September 2007

Notes from the Field / November 2007

Helen Tichen BeethHosted by the Dutch chapter of the Center for Human Emergence (CHE), organised by Peter Merry, Anita Floris and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, with participants from the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Israel, the UK, USA, and Switzerland. We were sorry that our spiritual father, Don Beck, was prevented from attending by a vicious bout of flu. But we did him proud by going ahead without him, creating a buzzing and blooming learning environment that never wavered in intensity.

The …