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Feature Article: The Journeys of 2nd Tier Leaders Over Time

Feature Articles / March 2008

John OliverThis article compares the long-term results of leadership case studies from four countries (Brazil, England, Denmark, USA). The long-term results are interpreted through the Integral lens, and the leaders compared against 2nd Tier values.

Reference will be made to the Spiral Dynamics Stage perspectives and memes:

Behaviour Type
yellow: Tolerance of ambiguities, knowledge of assumptions.
green: Informational, sharing, caring.
orange: Rational, tasks, expert, efficiency, profit.
blue: Conforming, unconditional allegiance, tradition, protocol, political / military (mythic).

Notes from the Field: History of Radical Organisational Design Notes From London Integral Circle Salon Meeting 3rd Oct 07 Presentation of Research Material And Participants’ Comments

Notes from the Field / November 2007
John OliverOriginal Introduction: **A History of Radical Organisations – through the lenses of the AQAL model**

“The session’s goal is to introduce Organisational Design as a specific discipline for looking at the structures that define our working lives.

Ken Wilber’s’All Quadrants, All Levels’ map, including the dynamics of social holons, will provide the structure of the discussion.

A summary of unusual company case studies will be used (including Semco Brazil/Ricardo Semler—author of ‘Maverick’; Visa International—see Dee