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Phenomenological Bewilderment in a University Setting

October 2011 / Feature Articles

Josina van den Acker

Josina van den Acker

This article is written in the context of the global need to act sustainably, which according to Smith and Stewart (2010) requires that we open our selves to opportunities to work together, collaborate and see our needs differently.

The main part of this article is written as a letter to an imagined person. As an autoethnography it may help the reader to imagine a better way of addressing …


March 2010 / Feature Articles

Higher Education and Bad Practice
by José van den Akker


Jose van den Akker

Universities. And What about Miscommunication and Accountability?

Universities usually control context and supply the dominant logic. A problem lies in remaining unaware of hidden programmed or indoctrinated thinking that produces predetermined values. Usually accompanied by an emotional impulse to correct or amend, it reinforces an automatic tendency to discipline, control, and bring into line.

Society’s resistance to this approach cannot be …