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8/31 – Jonathan Reams

Letters to Russ / August-November 2017

My experience with Russ began in 2004, when we were both invited to become board members for ARINA, and subsequently both became involved in Integral Review. I remember being enchanted by the breadth and depth of his knowledge, and the deep curiosity he had towards learning from everyone and everything!

I also experienced the vast network of people he worked with, either though interviewing them  for ILR, or when I had the good fortune to be …

08/15 – ITC Perspectives: A Giant Leap Forward or a Bridge Too Far?

Notes from the Field / August-November 2013

Jonathan Reams

I attended the 2013 Integral Theory Conference with my usual tendency to sit somewhat on the margins and observe the gathering with a mix of appreciative and critical eyes. One part of me is grateful for all the work to enable a gathering of people who have a diverse commonality in that they may have a wide range of ideas, experience, attitudes and perspectives they bring into the mix, but there is some kind …

Feature Article: Leadership Development: Can It Really Happen?

Feature Articles / June 2011

An account of a pilot leadership development program for Aker Solutions.

Jonathan Reams

Imagine a room full of engineers, all highly skilled in their areas of technical expertise, with a few human resource people thrown into the mix. They have been successful enough to advance along their company’s “leadership pipeline,” yet find that the skills that got them there are not the ones they need now with the responsibilities of leadership in an ever more complex …

Leadership Emerging: Descriptions of Books, Articles and Other Media

Leadership Emerging / June 2011

Richard Barrett, The New Leadership Paradigm,,, 508 pages.

Jonathan Reams

Last March I found myself spending a day at a European ALIA event co-sponsored by the Progressio Foundation. I was looking forward to meeting new faces and networking with like-minded individuals. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the opening speaker turned out to be Richard Barrett. Twelve years earlier, I had invited Richard to come and present at an event hosted in my …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Reflections from Prague: The International Leadership Association’s 11th Annual Conference
by Jonathan Reams

jopnathan reams“Leadership for Transformation” was the theme, and the setting was just right – Prague on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Concerns that holding the conference away from the US, with the current economic constraints possibly restricting attendance proved unfounded, as 650 students, scholars and practitioners of leadership filled the facilities to capacity. Pre-conference events gave people a chance …

Notes from the Field: The Leadership Circle Comes to Europe!

Notes from the Field / June 2008

Jonathan ReamsMay 12-14th saw the first certification training in Europe for Bob Anderson’s Leadership Circle (TLC – Paul Matthews and his wife Sara are taking on the challenge of opening up a franchise for the UK as TLC begins to expand worldwide. (There are also franchises opening in Australia and South Africa). This will bring access to an integrally designed 360 leadership assessment tool to a new audience here in Europe.

The challenges of educating …

Notes from the Field: Tryggare och Mänskligare Göteborg: An Interview with Borghild Håkansson

Notes from the Field / November 2007

Goteberg Sweden

Tryggare och Mänskligare Göteborg—A safer and more humane Göteborg—is an innovative approach to urban crime prevention and safety promotion. The authorities in the city of Göteborg established a council for this project in 2001, designed to govern and support the activities of the secretariat, an office of seven staff members with different types of expertise. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview the executive director of the secretariat, Borghild Håkansson, in her office

Feature Article: Leadership as Opening Space

Feature Articles / November 2007

jonathan reamsIntroduction

I have always been interested in the intangible, even ineffable aspects of life. This interest has guided a number of areas in my life, including my inquiries into leadership. I have sought to understand leadership from a view that focuses on the sense of space that some people are able to create and maintain, regardless of their formal role or position. From this, I will propose a definition of leadership as the act of opening …

Notes From the Field: Integral Education Seminar Reflections

Notes from the Field / August 2007

This presentation is focused on integral education. While the content of Jonathan’s report may be focused on education in the classroom andoutside of it, for children and adults, I see in it challenges to leadership education and leadership development. Jonathan, himself, teaches at the university level, so this connection seems obvious. But how can these ideas and perspectives enrich our approaches to leader and leadership development? As you read his report, see what comes up for