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Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

“Evoking Beauty—Music in Action”
Transformative Workshops with Jessica Roemischer
by Jessica Roemischer

Over the past twenty-eight years, I have taught piano to hundreds of students. And yet, what probably comes to mind when you think of “piano lessons,” has little to do with what happens for people when they sit with me at the keyboard.

Imagine yourself discovering that you can create music of disarming beauty—even if you have little or no musical background. Imagine finding …

Feature Article: Integral Music: Evolution in Action

Feature Articles / August 2009

Integral Music: Evolution in Action
Jessica Roemischer


jessica RoemischerMusic is arguably a more essential means of human expression than language. Over the course of history music has evolved to communicate an increasingly wide spectrum of experience: isolation, fear of death, dreams of paradise, religious devotion, unrequited love, spiritual yearning, romantic fulfillment, national pride, mystical union, calls to battle, personal desperation, the longing for freedom, counterculture revolt, the steadfastness of tradition, the joy of belonging.

This article …