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Retrospective: Summit on the Future of Great Britain – 2009

January 2012 / Retrospective

Keith E. Rice

[Editors’s Note: This is a retrospective that seems appropriate to include in this special issue. Born in 2009, this Spiral Dynamics integral initiative with the formation of the Center For Human Emergence UK, has since lost some of its steam. Three of the key organizers, Keith Rice, Rosemary Wilkie and Lynne Sedgmore are no longer actively involved, although Keith commented, “I still champion the original aim of CHE-UK and would love to

Notes from the Field: The Center for Human Emergence, UK

August 2009 / Notes from the Field

Integral Brittania

keith riceThe Centre for Human Emergence UK (CHE-UK) was born on 26 June 2009 in a basement room of the Holiday Inn, Oxford Circus, London. It was formally launched the next day at the ‘Regent’s Summit on the Future of the UK’, a 2-day event (27-28 June) at Regent’s College. This is the story of that Summit.

CHE-UK is an umbrella entity that sponsors what are known as MeshWORKS solutions, a process that enables a grouping of …

Coda: Keith E. Rice

October 2006 / Coda

CODA: Keith E. Rice, Knowing Me, Knowing You:
An Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfillment & Better Relationships, Trafford Publishing, 2006

Here is a highly professional treatment of an approach to understanding ourselves and other people. The use of the term “SocioPsychology” serves as a clue that the author integrates the work of Clare Graves, Don Beck and Chris Cowan into his approach. So here we have a serious approach to integrating Spiral Dynamics with Neuro-Linguistic …

Feature Article: Shades of Leadership: A Case Study in Leading for the Followers

March 2006 / Feature Articles

Keith Rice

A few years ago, I was invited to work with Hodgson Sealants Ltd, a Yorkshire-based family firm. They were a leading manufacturer of sealants and Europe’s single biggest supplier of putty. They were beginning to penetrate North Africa and other markets beyond the European continent. For the previous 30-plus years, the company had been run as the personal fiefdom of founder Peter Hodgson. His word was law and he could change the law, even on a …